Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon Movie

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

The New Moon movie is so boring, and it was badly scripted, and I am so disappointed with it. So shallow and super cheesy....

Well now I officially hate Bella's character as well as Kristen Stewart - she couldn't act and i think she's a horrible actress. I have watched some of her movies and she acts the same...

And Edward/Rob P., i didn't like him in this movie. And yeah, his body... when he was about to expose himself in the sun I got disappointed with his abs, eww!

What I love about this movie is Jacob's character. Taylor Lautner deserves the role of Jacob Black. He's the one in the movie that made me happy and contented. I didn't like Jacob in the books but in this movie, i am definitely Team Jacob!!

I also liked Dakota Fanning's acting. She was onscreen for only a few minutes but her acting was excellent. And yeah, Aro as well. Don't know his name hehe

As for Carlisle's family, in the movie the director did it badly. Carlisle's family only appeared for few minutes and I hate that. I love Carlisle and Emmett and so my Alice! She's so cute and i love the way she acts.

Finally about the fighting scenes, what we see from the movie trailer - that's it! I expected to see more fighting scenes with the were's and Laurent and no - that's it! I hope in Eclipse there should be more fighting scenes with Victoria. I heard that they changed the casting of the red haired vampire Victoria - Rechel's perfect for the role. I hope they won't replace her with anyone new.

I loved Twilight Saga but now I don't know. The excitement isn't there anymore...


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