Sunday, January 3, 2010

Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught

★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

I liked the book but it's tooooo long for me. The first half of the book was very slow. The story became interesting in the middle and just when i thought it was a good end, i found that it wasn't the end yet.

It was funny because when i was beginning to enjoy it again, and it's over!! I was really confused so i went back to the last pages and then realized okay it's really the end of the book. Haha okay this is the second book by Judith McNaught that i have read and can't compare it with Once and Always that got me hooked from the beginning til the last pages of the book.

Whitney Stone's teenage crush on a neighbor has her cold, unfeeling father banishing her to Paris into the care of her aunt and uncle. Under their loving guidance, the young woman blossoms into a ravishing beauty and becomes the darling of glittering Parisian society--a fact not lost on the handsome and equally powerful Duke of Claymore, who determines to make her his wife. Despite the duke's fervent interest, Whitney remains fixed on her childhood love. That is, until she finds herself tempted by the Duke--an attraction that both delights and baffles Whitney, causing her to be increasingly wary of what her heart may lead her to do. The Duke suffers no such confusion. He wants Whitney. And he plans to have her, despite a number of obstacles, including the infatuation Whitney seems to have for another; her aunt's growing concerns; and her greedy father's bungling efforts to control his beautiful daughter. But before the Duke and Whitney's plans can reach fruition, they'll have to work their way through a morass of misunderstandings that threaten any hope of a happy ending.


Nina B. said...

This is a favorite book of my mom's!

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