Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Sacrifice coverart

I got this from one of the forums in Richelle Mead's FB fan page and I'm not sure if this is the coverart Penguin will use for the last book of the Vampire Academy series.

Is that Lissa? I'm color blind... haha I'm not sure if it's brown hair or pale blond hair?

I heard from one of the VA fans Richelle Mead (but not confirmed from her blog) said in one of her interviews that someone will die in book 6. Though one thing for sure, it's not Rose and Sydney as the spin-off series will have Sydney and Rose. It's okay if Adrian's gonna die too like Mason BUT it's definitely NOT okay if she kills Dimitri in this book. I would be soooo mad at her. I'm hoping this series will have a happy ending. I don't know if i can take it if Rose and Dimitri don't end up together. Somebody will pay for that!

The last book will be released in US and Australia (and Manila haha) on 14 December 2010. I'm literally counting the days starting May 18 :) I would love to have the last book released earlier than that but at the same time I don't want VA to end...

For now, i think fanfic stories will make me happy. :) Try it... might be worth reading them.


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