Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twilight Saga : Eclipse (Movie)

Based on Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Well I know I've been shouting to the world that I was so disappointed with New Moon that I promised myself not to expect much with the next Twilight movies (Eclipse and Breaking Dawn). I even told my friends I won't be watching Eclipse on its first day.

Guess what? I just ate my words. Before any of you judge me, I had good reasons for watching this the first day. We had to go to my mom's place and since it's a holiday, me and my husband decided to watch it. Now the reason is clear, here's what I have to say.

It was an excellent follow up on the New Moon movie. Thanks to the new director David Slade. Eclipse was my 2nd favorite out of all the 4 books (2nd to Twilight). At first I had no expectations on the movie but after knowing they changed the director and it's David Slade (director of 30 days of nights), it was like "hmm might be good".

Okay the review. This time, i felt really satisfied with the movie. You can compare the book with the movie because Mr. Slade pretty much followed the story and even used the dialogue in the book for this movie. It was really like flipping the pages and the characters were acting in front of you. The acting was pretty good too (except for Kristen Stewart - no hope for that). The action was better than the last one. Wolves vs Vampires, yeah good fighting scenes. I love that.

The movie even had funny moments, Edward vs Jacod. It was really entertaining to watch those two fight for Bella (but it was really irritating to see you Kristen, really...) I saw in the reviews somebody wished Edward to eat you and Jacob to tear your limbs out haha

Okay lets move on to the Cullens, whew! Love this family especially Emmett and Alice. I love the scene where Jasper was teaching his family members how to fight the newborn army. Oh I remember, i love to see the chess game of Alice and Edward... I really love Alice!

What else? It wasn't cheesy like New Moon. The Quilette's story, it was great and yeah also the story of Jasper and Rosalie! But then I thought it would be better if they had Alice and Emmett's story too! (might too much to ask?)

Overall, it was the best of all the Twilight movies.


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