Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vampire Academy News!! News!!

I'm closely following any news re Vampire Academy and I've got some updates I got from Richelle Mead's website and her Facebook page.


This is the OFFICIAL Last Sacrifice coverart. The series will end in December, so excited and at the same time, so sad that the world I so love to live in is now going to end, at least for Rose and Dimitri. The book will be released on 7 December 2010 and I hope the last book won't disappoint me!
And this is the coverart I got from FB in May 2010. They edited the girl's hair from blond to dark brown hair. So they say, this is also the girl they used in Blood Promise and Spirit Bound *huh?* 
Vampire Academy will be made into a graphic novel and will be out in stores in August 2011. I am not so thrilled about the Dimka in the graphic novel. Dimitri's not looking good here eh? Where's the cowboy duster?!?!?
I like Rose, though, looking sooo badass!!! And yeah, Lissa looking so lady and so blond! *wink*
And lastly, Richelle Mead has a short story in this book KISSES FROM HELL, about Lissa's parents coming out on 24 August 2010. Might be a good one, gotta check that out!


Violet said...

I can't wait to read Last Sacrifice! :)

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