Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bloodlines first draft done!!

On January 8, Richelle Mead mentioned in her Facebook account that she's already done with the first draft of Bloodlines! Yay!

Bloodlines is the first book and also the title of the spin-off series of Vampire Academy series.  It is set in VA world, with VA characters. Jill Mastrano and Eddie Castille are the confirmed VA characters. She also confirmed that the narrator in Bloodlines is Sydney Sage, also a VA character. She's the Alchemist which Rose met in Russia. I read somewhere the main setting will be a high school in California.

Ms. Mead also revealed that one of the love interests from VA will be the male lead character in Bloodlines. She didn't divulge who that guy is but I am 99% sure that's Adrian Ivashkov. *wink* Why?

Because . . . . . . .  *SPOILER alert ! Don't read if you haven't read Last Sacrifice*

Because Adrian in the last book was heartbroken. Ms. Mead also wrote in her blog that she would never leave  questions unanswered. So - Adrian will find new love and I hope he gets a happy ending!

Finally, the release date of Bloodlines is 23 August 2011 and here is the link to the Official Bloodlines Website :


Tina said...

Hey, thanks so much for replying to my blogging questions, Jenai, it means so much to me, and your advice/opinions are very valuable.
I've managed to buy a new domain, (using my own money), and am going to write shorter, but better reviews. I've also got a few list posts in the works.
I'm so appreciative of your comment!

In response to this post, I'm sooo excited for Bloodlines! I agree, it's totally Adrian. ;)

Happy reading,

Anonymous said...

I agree, I definitely think it's Adrian too. He should get with Jill. Mia should get with Eddie.

Jill and Adrian are seven years apart, but, well... so are Rose and Dimitri <3. Plus Jill'll probably keep Adrian in check. :P

Bookingly Yours said...

wow you're right. i didn't realize that their age gap is like rose/dimka's gap. i was thinking that jill's too young for adrian.

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