Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vampire Academy Graphic Novel: Dimitri Belikov Fan art

As all of you my dear readers/followers know by now, I love Vampire Academy sooo MUCH that's why I'm closely following any news about VA. Though some of you might already know/hear what I post here, I will still post them lol. 

Vampire Academy book 1 has been adapted for a graphic novel and the confirmed release date is August 23, 2011 (yup yup you are sooo righty - same release date for Bloodlines book). This graphic novel will have 144 full-color pages, wow! I recently finished reading my first comic book Marvel Anita Blake: Guilty Pleasures #7-12  given by a friend as a Christmas gift last December and I love love love it sooo much! Now I think I'd like to start collecting comic books/graphic novels someday - of course must be based on the books I have read. Back to the VA graphic novel, the illustrator is Emma Vieceli and the adapter is Leigh Dragoon.

What I have here are Dimka's fan art by Emma Vieceli. I asked her if I could post this on my webpage and she said yes!

That's exactly my Dimka with his long cowboy "duster" coat! Thanks Emma for this, I can't wait for the graphic novel to come out!!! You're really really great!! 

Visit her blog here.


Alison Can Read said...

So cool! I didn't know there was a graphic novel. I like Dimitri's face, although I picture him with a slightly leaner build. I guess that's what I find more attractive.

Anonymous said...
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