Friday, April 29, 2011

Want a Dimitri and Rose (Vampire Academy) story?

Author Richelle Mead in her Facebook account, wrote something that followers of Vampire Academy will love! 

She said that she will write a short story about Dimitri & Rose visiting his family in Russia if Spirit Bound wins in the CBC awards. 

I need this story pleaseeee. I really hope SB wins. Here's the voting link if you haven't voted yet: CBC

For more updates, visit Richelle Mead's website HERE


AngelicNytmare said...

This would definitely be cool. :) You know I voted already.

Jamie said...

I voted a few days ago. I hope that she wins so she writes the story. I wish their story would never end. It is just too good to end!

ajda lisa dragomir said...

I also hope that the book will win ;)
I am really a fan of her books!!! I live for them ;)

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