Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guest Author: Chris Ward

My name is Chris Ward and I wrote a book.  It’s called The Tube Riders.  Here’s a little Q&A, explaining why this book is so good, and why you should read it.

Why should I read it? Because it is set in a dystopian near-future, has lots of trains, dangerous creatures called Huntsmen, and of course the Tube Riders.

Trains?? Yes.  Trains are cool.  If you don’t like trains you’re a fool.  Why are trains cool?  Because they are huge chunks of metal that can go at massive speeds.  They make cool noises.  They have cool colours.  They can splat things and crush things and explode.  They are beautiful but deadly metallic monsters.  That’s why there are lots of trains in my book.

What are the Huntsmen? The Huntsmen are killing, tracking machines, created by the government using technology their own scientists can barely understand.  The Huntsmen are part human, part bloodhound, and part machine.  And they are near-uncontrollable, which is what makes them so dangerous.

Who are the Tube Riders? The Tube Riders are Marta, Simon, Paul and Switch, four young people who use wooden boards to “surf” London Underground trains for fun.  They have all suffered in their lives and tube riding is their escape.  However, tube riding is incredibly dangerous.  Sometimes people die, but that doesn’t matter to them, because it’s all about the rush.

Tell us more about the book.  When is it set? 2075, in a kind of Communist Britain in which all the cities have been surrounded by huge perimeter walls, while in the countryside all the roads have been torn up to restrict travel.  However, things are starting to fail and more and more violence is being used to control the population.

Why so much bad language? Because real people, in real danger, swear.  I haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet but I can guarantee that good ole’ Katniss never drops an f-bomb in anger.  Tube Riders is altogether grittier.  People are hurt, people die, people suffer.  The realism is important to me and to my readers because The Tube Riders is not just a story but an image of a possible dystopian future.

What are Free Folk and Mistakes, and who is Dreggo? You’ll have to read the book to find out!  You’ll be shocked …    Any last questions ....?

Why is your profile picture so weird? Because I like to appear bats**t crazy.  It’s that element of fruitcake mix sprinkled into my writer’s mind that makes my books so interesting.  You really do never know what is going to happen, or who is going to survive.  For the record, I don’t actually own that hat …

Any last reason you can give for reading The Tube Riders? Because in a year, when all your friends are reading it, they’ll think you’re cool for getting in there at the beginning.  You won’t be disappointed.  Strap on your clawboard and get ready for a tube ride …

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