Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blogger problem???

I've been experiencing problems with all my posts since June and until now - arrrgghhh! Whenever I'm drafting something, blogger would freeze especially when I try to upload pictures. I always get this error:

"An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post" 

This is happening to some bloggers out there but I see no information how to fix this. It's been stressing me out and giving me sleepless nights, literally. Drafting posts for hours and then when I try to publish, blogger would freeze and then everything is gone! This is really frustrating!

To all my followers, authors, and publishers that I work with, please accept my sincerest apologies as I am terribly behind in blogging. Know that I am doing my very best to solve this problem. Thank you. 



Iben said...

Ugh how annoying :( I hope it's fixed soon!

iamjen said...

yeah i really hate it when I have to create one again and even the spacing and formatting! grrr

like today, i need to do my posts midnight til now, already 5 in the morning, i can't sleep because of this!

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