Saturday, November 17, 2012

Book Review: Dead Religion by David Beers

Dead Religion

Author: David Beers
Paperback: 210 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 7, 2012)
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Kindle Edition
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Print Length: 210 pages
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Language: English
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Note: I received a review copy of this book free from David Beers. The review posted below is based on my personal thoughts while reading the book.

Ratings: ★ ★ ★ 

My thoughts:

The story started out great. Past the 50+ pages I stopped reading due to some paperworks I had to finish. Reading Dead Religion the second time, I found myself confused and lost with the story and characters. It was hard to remember things. 

I have to admit that I rarely finish a book in one sitting since I work full time, school, kids, hobbies, etc. So I need a book that I can easily connect with, without refreshing my memory every time I picked it up. You know something like a tv series. And sadly, Dead Religion is not that book. It was annoying that I can't tell who's who and I end up flipping back to the earlier pages to be connected with the characters and story again. I soon lost interest reading only 5-10 pages a day. I couldn't even recognize the main characters anymore and I think it was mainly because of the alternating point of views of all the characters in the story. 

Overall, story/plot wise, it's something original for me, Dead Religion tells the story about ancient Aztec gods, how the "new people" are connected with these ancient gods. If you are into those ancient history things and do not mind the alternating POV's, then you might want to read this. 

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About the book: 

A hotel explodes in Mexico City, and all available evidence points to an American citizen, Alex Valdez, as the terrorist. The FBI is desperate to find the truth before the Mexican government can. Dead Religion follows the trail of FBI agent James Allison, who leaves his family and journeys to Mexico in order to find what secrets lay behind the destroyed hotel and all the lives lost with it. To do that though, Alex Valdez’s life must be laid bare—the blood rite his parents left him and the ‘God’ they felt had been unleashed on the world. Agent Allison races to find the truth in Mexico City, to uncover Valdez’s life, before he finds himself face to face with the same terror.

About the author: 

David Beers is in his mid twenties. He blogs at He is currently finishing up his MBA, and working on his second novel--tentatively titled End Times.


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