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Guest Author: Laurie Roper

As a fashion director, publicist, journalist, teacher, staff developer, parenting coach, seminar leader, good friend, loving daughter, major party girl in the 70’s – I've certainly had many incarnations even in this life.  These varied vocations and avocations speak to that fact.

I was born with memories of past lives, and began seeing some complex algorithms and number codes appear before my eyes, even as a child.  I decided something was up, and not getting any pertinent feedback, I finally started to delve into the mystical side of life as a young adult, studying metaphysics, sacred geometry, eastern religions' alternative healing therapies, astral projection, and all sorts of "woo woo" stuff – things which are usually described as anything outside the conventional line of thinking.

Finally, I experienced an epiphany at the tender age of 45, when I began studying Keylontic Science – the science of multi-dimensional anatomy, ascension, DNA activation and high level quantum physics, to explain how we got here (planet earth, that is), where we came from (somewhere not from planet earth), who we really are (the bigger picture, as we are not just our physical body for sure),  and where we’re ultimately going.  That could be a choice of a few options! 

With an "ahhHa!" and a big light bulb that tortuously zinged above my head, because sometimes you have to experience a little pain to be reminded, I realized I myself was an indigo – that first wave of conscious people who began to reincarnate on this planet about 100 years ago.  One of my missions would be to share the information with the new incarnates – those kids who recently choose to be born here in this space and time.  They too, have special talents, and they are even more gifted than the "old guard".  These young adults and little ones can blow your mind with their wisdom and talents because they need to share the  knowledge which will change our destiny.  They must 'step up to the plate’ ASAP!
So, fortuitously, I figured, instead of having them wait until they reached their 40's to put the puzzle together, I undertook to write a trilogy of self-help books for young indigoes as a wake-up call, in order that they may understand their abilities and use them wisely.  Now, if that’s not a cool mission, I don’t know what is!  Granted, I get a little help from my personal mentors off-planet, and I’d be delighted to share the credit with them in my new book, but they prefer anonymity for now.  

The first of the trilogy is now on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback, and entitled, Travels to the Sixth Dimension: A Journey Through Hyper-Space.  

Travels to the Sixth Dimension:  A Journey Through Hyper-Space

by Laurie Roper, M.S.

Author:  Laurie Roper
Paperback:  72 pages
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Kindle Edition
File Size:  537KB
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Time Jumping....Orbing....Astral Indigo Child....and a Sixth Dimensional being with a quirky sense of humor......They're all part of this engaging new 45,000 word novella, Travels to the Sixth Dimension:  A Journey Through Hyper-Space.

With heart and humor, the story combines the "stepped down" principles of quantum physics with fantasy, adventure, and self-help.  It's also an action-call for perceptive tweens and teens, as well as imaginative adults who are on a quest to find out about the concepts of consciousness, manifestation, and self-empowerment.  

The narrator, 12-year-old Jackson Elderberry Monroe, is an indigo.  As such, he is born with multiple, activated strands of DNA, due to proper sequencing of fire letter codes within his DNA.  This allows Jackson many unusual abilities, such as complete fetal integration or memory of past lives, telepathy, astral projection, and time travel.  All these attributes have been pretty much sublimated because Jackson doesn’t want to stand out, and prefers anonymity, until the appearance of TeTe.

TeTe orbs in from Star System Sirius B in the sixth dimension, because he recognizes Jackson’s potential.  TeTe gently and humorously awakens Jackson to hidden knowledge, such as other dimensional realities.  He teaches him how to orb and move through dimensions which are only separated by static fields with a different angular rotation of particle spin.  Beyond the third dimension, where human biology is carbon based, live other beings whose biology is silicate, and who exist in a light body form.  He helps empower Jackson through example, and aids him in gaining a better handle on human psychology.  TeTe helps Jackson negotiate the rocky road of "tweendom", and begins to groom him to eventually take his place in a world which sorely needs conscious leaders, and thinkers who will help heal the planet and its people.

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Travels to the Sixth Dimension: A Journey Through Hyper-Space is the first of a trilogy for youngsters who have the innate wisdom to know there is more to life than meets the eye, and have a thirst to know why we are here, how we got here, and where we’re going.  It’s full of heart and humor as TeTe fills in the gaps with irreverent and quirky comments to deliberately get Jackson thinking and questioning.


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