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Book Spotlght: Rosalind Scarlett's CAITLIN

Book I of the Anam Céile Chronicles

Author/Publisher:  Rosalind Scarlett
Release Date:  March 17, 2013
Pages: 294
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A Love which Transcends Existence . . . 

It is the year 1702. Aislinn, the daughter of a sheep farmer in western Ireland, is a tenacious redheaded lass who has NO intention of ever settling into the dutiful roles of marriage and motherhood demanded of her by her father. The only thing she has ever wanted is to pursue her dreams of being a professional fiddler, and that is fully what she intends to do - with or without the blessing of her family.

Nevertheless, all that, and so much more, is about to change when she is unwilling persuaded into participating in her older cousin's girlish, traditional Celtic love spell to see the face of the lad she will be destined to marry. Aislinn doesn't take it at all seriously, until that night when she dreams of a handsome dark-haired lad - just as she was told would happen.

Falling for some charming lad was never part of her plans. Only now, Aislinn cannot seem to shake her obsession with him - nor does she want to! And though she never looks back after he comes into her life, things seem to do anything but fall beautifully into place.

The vision of Donovan wasn't the only vision that Aislinn had ever experienced. She had always felt out of the ordinary somehow. She just didn't know why -yet.

Her father never misses an opportunity to rebuke Aislinn for her peculiarities. He accuses her of being a changeling of the sidhe, the dreaded faerie folk of Ireland that delight in causing mischief for decent folk like him.

Perhaps, she is.

Fact is, for most of her life, Aislinn has been tormented by strange visions. And now, every one of them is about to manifest themselves to her.

Just when all Aislinn believes she wanted is right within her grasp, she awakes in a strange bed in a castle surrounded by Vampires and the commanding presence of a striking man with an otherworldly attraction.

She has no idea of his intentions, but from the shivers surging down her spine she is certain she's about to find out.

Everything is about to change . . .

She finds herself heaved into a world of secrets, violence and lust so powerful; it will either consume her or destroy her.

The thing is, Aislinn has no earthly idea of who or what she actually is. To discover the secret for herself, she will embark on a quest which will test her strength and devotion more than she could ever have imagined.

But first, she'll have to lose everything!

Cailín (which is the Gaelic word for 'lass/girl') is the first book in the Anam Céile Chronicles, a series which centers around true love, soul mates, self-discovery, loss, vampires, lust, and the faith in reincarnation set in the lush backdrops of rugged Ireland, beautiful, culturally rich Florence, Italy and Morocco, amongst others.


Buzzing with a sense of euphoric vitality I was, every nerve excited, every hair rising.  All the buzzing sensation rushed through me body to this area as steadily he stroked upon it with intent.  I felt a building of sensation, as though I was floating to ever higher elevations.  I sensed the summit was nearly within me grasp, when me ears abruptly detected something outside of meself, reverting me attention to the physical realm of the chamber about me.  Swiftly, his hands retreated from me, leaving me body crying out at the desertion.

Just then, the door opened and in strolled a woman of perhaps thirty pushing a cart.  

Oh, ‘tis the chamber maid.  

Lovely, smooth olive skin had she, her sleek dark hair pulled up into a twist, and kind eyes.  An unassuming sensuality there was about her.  I clung the sheet about me once more, ashamed by me nakedness, and yet at the same time I was intrigued by her in ways which made me all the more starkly aware of it.  

To the bedside she did push the cart, glancing up at me with her large, dark eyes edged by thick dark lashes.  Straightaway, me mind began wandering.  

Oh, deliciously plump lips she has.  Oh, that I could feel them upon mine . . .  Her soft hands traveling under this sheet, gliding over me body, fondling me breasts in admiration . . .  unwrapping her gown so that I may caress hers, as well . . .  Her tongue . . . 

The sound of a clink roused me away from the rather suggestive musing of me mind.  Something was knocked over on the cart, where there was bread and wine, and two substantial old goblets.  I lifted me eyes up past the enticing glimpse of cleavage to which they had been affixed, to see her lingering there, staring at me as though in a trance.  

She poured the dark wine into a goblet.  Bending forward, she reached her slender arm out in offering to me, granting me a more generous view of her breasts.  

After avidly taking them in fer what was, I was certain, much too extensive to be considered appropriate, I blinked hard and timidly lifted me eyes up to look upon her face through me eyelashes.  It was diamond shaped and most lovely.  

Surprised I was to realise that she seemed to delight in me eyeing her in that way, as she was gliding her tongue lightly across her lips, causing them to glisten with wetness, whilst gazing deeply into me eyes.   ‘Twas far too evocative to have been an oversight.

Me pulse began to quicken.  The buzzing sensation in me traveled down me to awaken me in other ways, which I found delightfully pleasant.  Thoughts I never dreamt I would consider whirled through me mind at the mere presence of this woman.  

What is happening here . . . to me . . . ?  Why does she stare at me so?  ‘Tis as though she knows what I am thinking.  Could she be thinking the same?  Oh, that we could explore those musings together . . .

“The candles now please, Sivaara,” Voljidaar ordered, an insinuation of amusement evident in his tone.  Her seductive expression changed to one of foreboding, and I wondered what it could mean.  

Sivaara . . . hmm, what an unusual, yet lovely name . . .  

Candles?  Is there not already a sufficient amount of morning light pouring in through the window?  There is something quite peculiar about this place.  I only wish I knew what ‘twas . . .  

Reluctantly she turned from me and walked out into the room.  Me mind distracted fer a moment as I examined the allure of her gait.  I had not noticed before that at eye level every couple of metres, there were substantial iron candleholders placed all along the walls.  

Sivaara walked up to the first one and lit it with a small torch that she had collected from Voljidaar on the way.  Then she proceeded to go around the room, lighting each one.  Over a dozen there must have been!  

It felt as a prelude to some type of ritual; yet what, I could not fathom.  Then me mind shot in dread to me dream again, and I stiffened against the thought.  

No, it cannot be!  I will not allow it to occur!

When all the candles in the chamber she had lit, Sivaara paced toward the one small window and drew a heavy velvet drape across it, thus obscuring any possible sign of the daybreak outside.  The candles lit the room enough, yet not as brightly as the morning sun had moments before.  Me mind was scrambling, still seeking to understand what the purpose fer it could be.

Sivaara turned and stared at me longingly as though it would be the final time she would have the chance to do so.  I did hope it would not be . . . 

“Thank you, Sivaara, that will be all,” Voljidaar coolly dismissed her.  She unwillingly tore her concerned eyes from me, looked down, and pushed the cart out of the chamber, closing the door behind her.  I squirmed, quite displeased to see her depart, and yet still bemused by me unforeseen response to her.  

Stunned I was, me head clouded with confusion.  I had an overbearing intuition of aiteacht.  And yet still, I was feeling increasingly overwhelmed with the intense desire surging through me body.  Yet also, I felt an ominous premonition that I just could not place.

Is it created from the humming, or just intensified by it?  

I was finding it more difficult to think clearly with each passing second.  I sought the face of me captor, riveted.  

How could it be that his very presence is causing me to feel in ways that never I have before, not even with me Donovan?  

I felt sickened by the impact of this truth.

Just then, Voljidaar turned his head slightly toward the door and called out something in a language I did not understand.  Not a second later, a man and a woman donning nothing save fer their flowing, dark cloaks entered the chamber.  Their eyes zoned in on me in a flash, staring into me with a look that I cannot begin to explain and had never witnessed before.  It both frightened me and exhilarated me, and I had not the slightest idea why. 

Voljidaar simply waved his hand toward me and they began approaching me menacingly.  Me eyes flared and I thought to scream, yet me throat seized so that not a sound materialized.  ‘Twas as though I was frozen against me will as I sat there so vulnerable, feeling as would a cornered animal.  

As nearer to me they drew, me initial alarm was superseded by an intense intrigue of them, and I relaxed, permitting them to come closer, examining them.  Even under the soft glow of the candlelight, I could view them adequately to distinguish their atypical characteristics.  Their pale skin had an underlying shadow, their eyes were uncannily colourless— yet captivating somehow— and behind their pale lips as they pulled them back in a smile, they revealed their gleaming sharp teeth.  

Involuntarily I shivered. 

The male— although still pale— clearly was of a darker origin, hailing from somewhere exotic, as was evident in the almond shape of his colourless eyes.  High cheekbones he had, a feature I had not before witnessed in a man.  His black hair was longer than ever I had seen upon a man and extraordinarily beautiful, flowing over his shoulders and midway down his back.  His sculptured physique ‘twas impeccable, that of a statue those would worship of a God.  He seemed as would a warrior.  His face appeared young, yet somehow did not correspond to the astuteness contained within, obviously being well beyond the years he appeared to have.

The female, by contrast, was the fairest woman ever I had seen, her silky hair white as her skin, flowing down to her hips.  So slight in stature she was that she appeared as though she were scarcely an adolescent, her face angelic and childlike.  Her pert breasts appeared as though they were just embarking on their swell to ripening, and her nipples, too, were neutral in tone.  Beneath her flat abdomen, there was but a scant patch of white fluff crowning her mound of flesh.  

The two of them together did compose a bizarre picture.

Overpoweringly they gazed into me eyes— mesmerizing me— and instantly all traces of fear in me dissolved, leaving in its wake only desire.  All I wanted, the only thing in the world that mattered in that moment, was to give meself to them, in every way imaginable.  Whatever they wanted from me, I wanted them to take it, to take everything of me.  I was begging them with me mind, with me body.  

Come and take me!  I offer meself to you!  Please take all of me!  

And I perceived they understood.  

But did I? 

Little did I understand, however, what they would take from me.  Nevertheless, me mind belonged to me not any longer.  They had totally possessed me and I would do anything fer them.  

Without a single thought, I had dropped the bed linens to which I had been so desperately clinging, along with any concerns of protecting meself.

Gloriously, they realised me at last, reaching fer me with their hands, their eyes continuing to dominate me.  The female flung the linens the rest of the way off of me as the male put his hands upon either side of me ribs and pulled me effortlessly to the edge of the bed to face them.  

On full display I was fer them, eliciting them to moan with appreciation.  Their hands they were chilled as death as thoroughly they glided them over the contrasting warmth of me nude body, absorbing every millimetre of it, sending me into a slow frenzy.  I squirmed as their hands rapidly slithered to areas of me body that I had so yearned to be touched by another.

Whilst still roaming their hands over me, in unison, they both landed at me chest, each bringing their stunning face nearer to me breasts.  I writhed at the contact of their oddly cool mouths upon the soft flesh of me breasts, heaving me tender upright nipples into their greedy mouths.  

Me desire was granted as they each suckled away upon them robustly, stimulating me, taking over me mind.  They lingered as that fer several moments, as I moaned with more pleasure than ever I thought I had known.

While the young female remained there nuzzling at me breast, the exotic male began to slowly move down me body, trailing kisses down me torso, upon the delicate skin of me belly, and down to me aching flesh below.  

How I craved to feel his mouth there!  His tongue lighted upon it ever so momentarily, sending me into an ever maddening frenzy.  

It only left me frustrated, me flesh now throbbing, and in the very next moment his face had turned to the side to burrow into the softness of me thigh.  He began nibbling lightly and then suddenly I felt something pierce into it.  

As he did, his eyes went black as night. 

Just as the woman from me nightmares!

At the same time, the female had moved her mouth up along me neck, nuzzling at the base of me throat, biting into it at precisely the same moment as he.   I gasped from the surprise, rather than from pain, and then promptly I cast out any inhibitions and received it agreeably.  

I did not recoil in the least when they sank their teeth into me flesh, instead all I felt was an indescribable euphoria, as me blood they summoned forth.  And honoured I felt to surrender it to them.  I could feel it rushing through me veins up me body into their needing mouths.  Gradually I felt the buzzing that had been present diminishing, and yet the throbbing sensation it had affected in me tender flesh still remained unbearably perceptible.

As they drank from me so insatiably, I writhed under their mouths, yet ‘twas in ecstasy rather than pain, wishing it to go on as that eternally.  In that moment, I would have given them anything they wanted— had they started consuming me flesh until nothing of me remained, I would have been overjoyed fer the occasion to please them.  

Their hands, still roving all over me, progressively were heating until at last, they were as me skin.  Within me the sensations were building slowly, exquisitely— eluding to the promise of the most rapturous of pleasures.  

Being lured into a euphoric dreamlike state I was, everything else around me fading away.  I forgot where I was, me previous concerns, and who might be observing me in this act of total relinquishment of meself.

All too abruptly ‘twas interrupted.  

“Cease!”  I faintly heard Voljidaar effectively command.  

Grudgingly, they stopped their vigourous sucking upon me throat and thigh, lapping at the blood still oozing from me wounds, snorting and grunting as hungry animals.  Left lying there I was, sprawled out and whimpering, vexed at the revocation of the source of me powerful euphoria. 

“At once!” he commands again.  I had not noticed him during any of that, standing so near us, observing shamelessly, his shockingly enlarged flesh straining through his trousers. 

Dejectedly, the vampires backed away from me, their ravenous dark eyes still feasting upon me, their hands, their mouths abandoning me.  Disappointingly, me sensations descended just as rapidly as they had soared moments before.  

I noted that, albeit still pale, their flesh ‘twas less dull grey of tone— it actually had some hint of a glow, their lips and nipples a pale pink, their skin then warmed.  Furthermore, beneath their skin, I could see their veins were expanded and pulsating, filled as they were with me bequeathed blood.  

“Recede from us now!” Voljidaar declared severely, his eyes never leaving me.  

In a flash they disappeared from the chamber.

I gazed up at him and his glare darkened to something quite sinister.  It unearthed me, and the fear rushed back in as though it had never departed.  I wondered whether all of this was merely prelude to the dreaded performance from me dream.  They served only to get me so delirious with pleasure so that he could easily take over.  He knew I would need to be outside of me own mind to accept him blitzing me with his monstrous form.  

Voljidaar knelt down beside me, and once again I felt the hint of the humming moving throughout me.  Then he did shock me by leaning his face toward me carefully— I could detect a subtle groan beneath his breath— and stretching his tongue out to lick up the length of me neck, lingeringly tasted the remnants of me blood trickling down.  Inhaling in very slowly, he closed his eyes and let his head fall back sensually fer an exaggerated moment with a long moan.  

Not understanding any of this, I stare at him in disbelief.  

What is this madness that is happening here?! 

Coming back to himself, suddenly he lifted his head back up and held up his finger.  “And now, I have an offering for you!” he announced and exited the chamber briskly. 

Me mind still reeling from all that had taken place, I scrambled to regain it, resolving to put an end to whatever it was that I did not know was going on in this strange place, with this very strange man…  Still, it resumed its wandering, betraying me.  

An offering?  Whatever does he mean?


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