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Guest Author: EJ Caulder

Sunshine: Diary of An Affair

Author – E.J. Caulder    
Genre – Romantic Suspense
Series – Book one of three of The Sunshine Affair series
Format – Kindle e-book
Pages – 441

Comments from the author  

Writing the Sunshine Affair series was one of the most difficult undertakings I've had as a writer. Now, writing isn't new to me but writing the type of story that fell in front of my keyboard was. As a writer the three things I look for in any story are realism, a compelling plot, and the main character(s) motivation. When Eric came to me and said, "Here. I think you're the person to tell my story" all three of those elements and more were suddenly in front of me. What Eric had given to me out of the blue were the journals he kept during a secret affair he had over the course of years. This was an affair of which no one knew. 

I read Eric's journals. Page after page of his handwritten jotting revealed his thoughts, feelings, and actions...some of which were shocking to me. He put everything is exquisitely defined detail, making me feel as though I were standing next to him as everything unfolded. I felt as though I was finding out what was happening the same moment he was. It took me almost a year to read the secret life he led. This was a story I could not pass up telling. I told Eric I would do my best to do his and Tina's story justice.


Eric Simmons is a man on a mission to pursue his ultimate goal of being inducted to the radio broadcasting hall of fame. But not all is going as planned. Eric is at a crossroads in life and questions whether his personal and professional decisions have all been the wrong ones. As he questions his life, fate brings Tina Cook into Eric's life and he believes she's the woman he's meant to spend the rest of his life with. There's just one problem: Tina Cook is married. But she is unhappily married and seeks comfort in her friendship with Eric. As their friendship grows into something more, Eric wonders if Tina will leave her husband to build a life with him. Tina's husband becomes suspicious of their friendship and it causes Tina and Eric to take their friendship to the shadows in an effort to keep their budding affair a secret. Eric conspires to win Tina's heart and show her why leaving her husband is exactly the right thing to do. Tina struggles with her attraction to Eric and the vow she made to her husband. Tina tries to keep Eric close to her by trying to set him up with a friend of hers...not to mention concocting scenarios where it is appropriate and not suspicious to be seen with Eric. In the meantime, Tina's husband uncovers his wife's feelings for Eric though he can never confirm she is having an affair. Eric and Tina are able to stay one step ahead of her husband...but for how long? 

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