Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blog comments got deleted.... AGAIN!! $@%!&^!

Two or three months ago, while deleting my 'spam' comments, I was surprised to find my 'published' comments got deleted instead.... I was able to take screen shots of the deleted 'published' comments simply because it was opened on another page. 

And then today.... while I was deleting 'spam' comments again, I saw that the lower portion of the comments were my 'published' comments!!!! Arrrhggggghhh.... $%&%#@$^* 

By the way, this post is to let you, my readers, know I did not delete your comments, good or bad. In the next coming days, I will be publishing screen shots of my 'published' comments. Though only for those I was able to save... Now researching how to get them back... wish I could do this... 

*Note - I hate to turn on the comment moderation but I don't have a choice. . . . 


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