Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Guest Author: Gordon Bushell

Panic in Punctuation Land! is an entertaining and educational children’s book with a witty twist on punctuation.

Wildly original and laugh-out-loud funny, the book shows the importance of punctuation for comprehension and reading fluency in a way that is easy for kids to understand and learn.

According to retired Madison Avenue marketing executive author Gordon Bushell, “The idea for this book began as an innovative way to bring punctuation alive for my granddaughter. It started with education and I intertwined it with entertainment to write a story that I hope the reader finds is both engaging and fun.”

The well-known characters (let’s face it who hasn’t use an exclamation point once or twice in their life!!!) in the book come alive on every page and offer kids an alternate way to learn what is often a difficult lesson on punctuation and grammar. (Did you know that all writing was once threatened by the actions of a famous punctuation mark?)

Panic in Punctuation Land! is not just about punctuation and grammar. The underlying theme of the book is also an important lesson on self-esteem teaching kids that it's okay to “be yourself” and that by bringing your uniqueness to a group, everyone benefits.

Winner of a 2013 Mom’s Choice award, Panic in Punctuation Land! is a beautifully illustrated book whose humor will spur young (and old) readers to both giggle and cheer for its bold, celebrating-your-strengths perspective, (“period” just doesn’t feel good about herself, till her friends, the “quotation marks,” point out she’s classic and elegant), fun grammar facts, (the characters in this book show up in every book ever written) and many classroom uses, Panic in Punctuation Land! makes
the grade with A+

Panic in Punctuation Land

Author: Gordon Bushell
Publisher: TriMark Press, (800) 889-0693, 
Format: Hardcover/illustrations
Length: 40 pages
Genre: Children’s Books/Education/
Reading & Writing/Grammar
Price: $16.95
Age range: 6 and up
Grade level: Kindergarten and up
Dimensions: 10.3 x 8 x.03 inches

Order Info:

Available from: Baker & Taylor, Amazon.com & TriMarkPress.com


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