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Guest Author: Tiffany Pitts

8 Goofy Facts about Double Blind

1. Most of the characters are not based on any one person in articular, with the exception of Toesy. We used to have a Toesy. His name was Katzuhiro. He was so huge, reality sort of bent itself around him when he was in the room. He weighed twenty-seven pounds. He was so fat that whenever he slept on my chest for too long, my arms would fall asleep. He disapproved of most things, but he loved me endlessly.

2. Carlton Leif Sandersson is thirty-one years old. Delilah Pelham is twenty-nine. Carl is two feet taller than Deli because I think that is funny. 

3. Jake Denny is part of the Denny family. His great-great Uncle was Arthur A. Denny, one of Seattle’s founding fathers. His parents, Gloria and Steven Denny, own Horsey House. He has lived there since he started college. He now has Master's degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, and is thinking about going back to school to study chaos theory. He is too educated to hold down a proper job. 

4. My best friend was a beta reader for Double Blind. About halfway through the book we both fell in love with Carl. It was this swooning type of teenaged crush. We had so much fun with it—imagining what he looked like or trying to find him in a crowd. We never did of course, but it was fun anyway. Well, one weekend we decided to attend a conference. We were sitting in the audience waiting for the first morning workshop when the instructor walked in. Both of us gasped audibly. He looked exactly like Carl. To the extent that both of us blushed and neither of us could say more than three sentences to him the entire day. I’ve seen that guy since. He still looks exactly like Carl to me. 

5. I self-published Double Blind in 2013. The day after I made it available for purchase, I received and email from a friend, offering to introduce me to a publisher.

6. The Maxwell Hotel is modeled after an actual hotel in Hong Kong. I picked that hotel specifically because I love swanky hotels and that was the swankiest of the lot. I changed the name to fit my purposes but kept as true to the look and feel of the place as I could, having never visited. A few weeks after publication, my mother-in-law stopped by with an old family friend. I’d never met the woman, but I’d heard a lot about her and I knew she was from Hong Kong. My mother-in-law had been chatting to her about the book earlier and she was delighted to talk about her city. She asked me where (specifically) my book was set and I explained that part of it was based at this really fancy hotel on the Kowloon Peninsula. As soon as she realized the hotel I was talking about, she laughed and said “Oh, my partner’s family owns that!” What do you say after a statement like that? I wanted to ask her so many questions, but was terrified I’d gotten everything wrong, so I sort of clammed up. I wish I hadn’t, but it was such a crazy weird coincidence how she came to be standing in my kitchen that I couldn’t think of anything to say! She was gracious enough to ignore my weirdness, though. 

7. Many of the characters are named after scientists in some respect. The stone horses that guard the front door are names Al and Tess for Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. 

8. The first book I wrote was supposed to be YA. I struggled with that medium for a long time until I realized I didn’t enjoy writing YA. I switched genres, but I kept the one character I couldn’t stand to lose. His name was Tom then. It’s Toesy now.

Double Blind

Author: Tiffany Pitts
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
Pages: 280
Genre: Action/Adventure/Humor/Sci-fi
Format: Paperback/Kindle

Purchase at AMAZON

Delilah Pelham’s brother, Paul, is missing. She should probably be worried about that but honestly, he’s been in trouble since the day he learned the words “trust me." In fact, if it weren’t for his roommate, Carl, she would gladly leave him to his fate.

Carl is a good guy, even if he’s a bit of a dork. Okay, a large slice of a dork. Possibly the entire cake. 

But he wants to help, as do his gamer friends, which is how Deli finds herself in the middle of Hong Kong with the King of the Dorks, running from creepy guys with slicked-back hair and shiny black guns.

Back at home, Carl’s friends aren’t faring nearly as well. All they had to do was monitor the situation and feed Deli’s cat while she was gone. How could that possibly end in bloodshed?

There is an answer, of course, but no one ever thinks to ask the cat. 

About the Author

Tiffany Pitts grew up in the Seattle area in a time when the Super Sonics were huge and Starbucks was just a store at the end of the Market. Tragedy struck early in her life as her family moved to New Jersey mere months before Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet” album hit record stores. It took nearly a decade to wean herself off the hairspray. But Seattle called her back, so she went; eventually earning a degree in Botany (pronounced “Bar tending”) at the University of Washington. 

She made one more valiant attempt to leave the PNW after college by travelling around the country doing not much of value and making very stupid decisions. She is thankful every day that the internet was not a huge deal in those years. Then Seattle called again so she picked up and moved home where she spent many years being a scientist of middling talent in several labs that she absolutely did not blow up—except for that one time and everyone agreed not to talk about that any more. 

Now she divides her time between writing fiction and raising two kids who are wonderful but, for some reason, will not stop licking things. 

Her latest book is the action/adventure/humorous/scifi, Double Blind.

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