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Book Spotlight: Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors: Erotic Romance For Women by Delilah Devlin

Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors: Erotic Romance For Women
by Delilah Devlin

Paperback: 242 pages
Publisher: Tempted Romance (October 14, 2014)
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Kindle Edition
File Size: 552 KB
Print Length: 242 pages
Publisher: Tempted Romance (September 22, 2014)
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About the book:

Imagine a time when survival required physical strength and men were judged by their fierce loyalty and unshakeable honor. USA Today bestselling author Delilah Devlin has collected the most evocative tales of historical romance in Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors, which is full of wild knights, hunky horsemen and Scottish warriors whose courage on the battlefield is only outmatched by their ardor for their ladyloves. In Layla Chase's Icelandic coming-of-age story, a rough combatant from a neighboring clan is softened by "The Maiden's Kiss." A battle-broken Highlander returns to the castle in Susannah Chapin's "Wicked" and is made whole again in the arms of his perfect mate. An aristocratic warrior woman makes an unforgettable impression when she hunts alongside an entrancing Mongol general in Connie Wilkins's danger-filled "A Falcon in Flight." The Stories of these bravehearts will have you heading for the hills!

Book Excerpt:

Excerpt from “The Squire” by Cela Winter, part of the anthology Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors: Erotic Romance for Women by Delilah Devlin

The day’s ride followed by a punishing round of sword practice should have tired her out, but Wilfreda found herself sleepless, alight inside with her awareness of Godfrey lying a hand’s span away. 

It wasn’t just his handsome face or battle prowess that caused her yearning; he was everything a knight should be— noble, pious, kind. It nigh broke her heart to rebuff his attempts to befriend the squire he believed her to be. 

A woman’s lust was greater than a man’s, ’twas common knowledge, but her craving for Godfrey shocked her. It was nothing like her feeling for Ranulf—making love with him had been but a delicious game. This was entirely different.

Living so closely with a man, with Godfrey, was awkward in more ways than just the ruse she maintained. That evening, he’d casually whipped off his linen shirt and used it to wipe the sweat from the back of his neck. It was such an ordinary gesture, one any man might make. Why did it affect her so? When he turned away, she lifted the shirt to her face, breathing in the man-scent of him. 

Seeing him walk about their shared tent half-naked set her to imagining how his hard muscles would feel under her hands, his weight on top of her… She struggled with the longing to reveal her secret, in part to share the burden of it, but mainly for him to know her as a woman. 

What if she rolled over and pressed her body to his? What if she took his hand, placed it on her breast, and— 

Godfrey gave a low groan as he rose from his bed and stumbled outside. 

With a moment of unexpected privacy, her hand stole to her quim. As she caressed herself, her mind drifted in dreamy exploration of Godfrey’s body and his reaction. How the firm column of his throat would feel beneath her lips, his hiss as she tongued his red-brown nipples, the way he would groan when she slipped her hand down his brais to cup his balls and stroke his cock to readiness.

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