Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Review: Blood for Love by Chris M. Finkelstein

Title: Blood for Love
Author: Chris M. Finkelstein
Paperback: 346 pages
Publisher: Crave Books (April 3, 2011)


★ ★ ★ ★

My thoughts:

Blood for Love tells the story of mother and son, Martha and Jan living in a planet where love is considered as a dangerous virus. Once a person is found to be carrying this virus in his/her system (in short loving someone), the person will be automatically executed by DeathBT or Death by Torture.

Love is only allowed for mother and child during the first five years. When the child reaches the age of five, the mother and child should separate and must go through love-deprogramming rehabilitation for four weeks. Love deprogramming means torture
for both mother and child, this way love will be forgotten and will then be replaced by hate.

I liked the book, the story was interesting. However, it was not easy to read especially the part where the government is torturing the "love-lovers". After reading chapter 2, I had to stop and put the book down. I wasn't ready for this. It took me days to pick up the book again and when I did, I was surprised with myself that I was able to read the whole book (with some skimming due to cruelty and violence).

This is such a thought-provoking story. The plot is so original and so interesting, even the characters held my attention. Overall, it wasn't an easy book to read because of the violence and cruelty. However, I believe this is a great book I would like to recommend to those readers looking for a unique experience.
About the book:

This is the story of the life of Jan, a gifted male D’otian living on a violent, predatory planet. His mother Martha is part of a love-preservation network, outlawed by a world in which love is punished by DeathBT.

When the underground network attempts a daring escape into the poisoned wildlands, they inadvertently cause a catastrophic explosion.

The explosion draws the instant wrath of the now doomed NOV, the only remaining nation on D’ot. The escapees take off into the wildlands, with stolen vaccines that they need to survive out there. The wildlands are aptly named.

Jan is guided to a five thousand year old hidden temple, which holds treasures and knowledge never before seen. The escapees begin to hope for a brave new world of peace and freedom, but the NOV continues to haunt Jan’s dreams.

Can the reptilian humanoids overcome their violent nature?

What will they do with freedom?

Can they control what they have found in the hidden temple? - Goodreads

About the author:

Chris M. Finkelstein was born in the woods and raised by Christian wolves that had become secular Jews by two thousand years of refinement, the first half quite dark. - Amazon

Note: I received a review copy of this book free from the author, Chris M. Finkelstein. The review posted above is based on my personal thoughts while reading the book.


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