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Giveaways: The Patriot Paradox and Pressed by William Esmont

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the people who dedicated their lives to fighting the Cold War. What happened to them? How did they feel when the Berlin Wall fell and the threat to which they had sacrificed everything no longer existed? Did these people - the soldiers, the politicians, and the spies - go quietly into the night? Or did they make other plans?

This is the question I explore in The Patriot Paradox, the first novel in my Reluctant Hero series of espionage thrillers.

Conscience can be a killer. 

A plot to kill a nation, hatched by a secret cabal of ex-cold warriors intent on finishing the war that defined their existence. One man, who in a crisis of conscience, passes information about the plot to his brother, a shattered soul living on the edges of society. 

When Kurt Vetter learns of his brother's murder, he has no idea how far he will travel, how much he will sacrifice, in order to uncover the truth. With the help of Amanda Carter, a shadowy figure from his brother's past, he races across the globe, staying one step ahead of a trained assassin, in a desperate bid to prevent the unthinkable from becoming reality. 

Bookingly Yours book review (5-star) for THE PATRIOT PARADOX read HERE

PRESSED (Book 2) Synopsis:
Reeling from the aftermath of a rogue CIA plot to destroy Moscow, the United States is caught unprepared when foreign hackers launch a cyber-attack on the Strategic Early Warning System. With the CIA in shambles, the President turns to ex-intelligence analyst Kurt Vetter and his mysterious partner Amanda Carter to hunt down the hackers and bring them to justice. This is the easy part... 


The author is giving away a paperback copy of THE PATRIOT PARADOX and an e-book copy of PRESSED, the second book in the series! This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL!! ;)

All you have to do is follow me, leave a comment with your email or comment and email me at with the subject "William Esmont giveaway". This give away will end on December 24 and the winner will be announced on December 25.



Anonymous said...

Commented to enter in the giveaway.


Comic Freak said...

In the Cold War, and just like any other wars, there are still people who refuse to move on since these people have been conditioned for so many years to fight. Now that it is over, what happens to them? Do they get reassigned or are they forced to resign? Once this happens, what do they do for the rest of their lives? Like the plot. A definite must-read for conspiracy/suspense addicts.

BTW, please include me in the free giveaway contest. Thanks.

....Petty Witter said...

Despite having read several novels on the subject I can't remember reading a single one that tackled the issues of what became of these people - a great idea for a novel, thanks for the giveaway.

Nuruddin Azri said...

i really love these books.

hope to get it.

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nyclocs said...

Souunds very interesting. Would love a copy.

Happy Holidays To All.....

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