Thursday, December 22, 2011

Guest Author: Phyllis & Jerry (PJ) Campagna

The Journey To Timeout!
By Phyllis & Jerry (PJ) Campagna

When PJ (that’s us, Phyllis & Jerry!) took our first timeout to retreat review & renew over 15 years ago we had no idea that it would later result in a book about our annual getaway to plan our personal/ professional goals, reconnect as a couple—and even resolve such monumental marital issues as which way the toilet paper should be rolled (you’ll have to read the book for our resolution to that one!).

We were motivated to write the book, Timeout! To Retreat Review & Renew, based on requests from many of our friends and family who were curious to know what we did on this annual week long break-away from the daily grind (it started out as a 3-day sojourn)—sans kids, dogs and very limited access to internet/phones (in the beginning, we didn’t have a choice as there were no cell towers or internet connections in the remote cabin we stayed in). 

Even the process of writing the book was a journey unto itself, as we made a commitment that every word and concept presented had to be 100% agreeable to both us—WOW, talk about having plenty of opportunities to test drive the communication tools presented in the book! 

And even the book’s title Timeout! To Retreat, Review & Renew assisted us in staying on task by constantly coming back to the stage of clearing our minds (Retreat), reflect on the previous content we had written (Review) and revise with a sense of greater commitment to our goals and each other (Renew).  We hope you enjoy reading and benefiting from the Timeout! process as much as we did in writing it.

Wishing You & Yours A Happily Ever After!   -PJ

About The Authors
Phyllis and Jerry Campagna (“PJ”) melded their lives in 1996 and have journeyed forth from their annual timeouts with renewed focus, joy and commitment ever since. Phyllis is a pioneer in the emerging profession of business coaching, having coached businesses and individuals for over twenty years. Jerry is the president of The MOST Inc.; a change management consulting firm.

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