Thursday, March 8, 2012

Book Giveaways: The Domino Effect by Andrew Cotto, Sudden Moves by Kelly Sue Landon, and Retribution by Kelsey Miller

The Domino Effect is the story of Danny Rorro, a charismatic kid from Queens poisoned by the past. A series of painful defeats have left him scarred and isolated from his neighborhood, his parents, and, most significantly, the benevolent ways of his childhood when he was known as “Domino.” With great insight, imagery and wit, Danny recalls his past in Queens and his coming-of-age at Hamden Academy. This fastpaced and powerful story is rich with conflict, humor, tenderness and music—just like life, especially when coming-of-age.

When Katie Brashers announces to her friends that she's headed to Orlando, Florida, for spring break, no one thinks twice. But when school resumes and Katie is nowhere to be found, her sixteen-year-old classmate and friend, Michelle Martin, grows suspicious.The school staff claims that the family moved to Florida, but Michelle doesn't buy it. First, Katie never said goodbye to her devoted boyfriend, Brad; and second, Katie still has a treasured family book Michelle gave her to read-a book Katie promised to return. Something doesn't make sense.Michelle and her best friend, Tami, team up with Brad to investigate the family's disappearance, but it's not easy. Not only do they have to dodge Michelle's demanding, nosey mother, but they also have to sneak around the neighborhood while avoiding arrest for trespassing. After talking to neighbors and looking inside the house, they still have nothing but circumstantial evidence.Michelle is about ready to give up-until she takes her dog for their daily walk and uncovers a concrete clue. The clue leads her closer to the truth, but also thrusts her into dangerous circumstances beyond her control. If she isn't careful, Michelle could end up like Katie-gone without a trace.

Not all Vampires drink blood... 

More cunning and intuitive than the other wolves in his Family, Faolan has never had a problem killing their Vampire enemies. Yet even he is unprepared for the two Changelings—newly turned Vampires—who attack him one day during his patrol. The Changelings make no move to kill Faolan, and puzzled by their strange behavior, he flees. Before the wolves can determine the cause, Faolan is attacked again. 

Faolan barely has time to parry the Vampire’s blows before he is ripped from his wolf form. Cowering as a human, Faolan waits for death, yet the Vampire inexplicably spares his life—but her action comes with a price. 

The Vampire claims she does not drink blood. Instead, she has vowed to kill her nemesis, Hunter, an elusive vampyre with special abilities responsible for a tragedy the Vampire refuses to disclose. She compels Faolan into joining her on a week-long journey to acquire information from Hunter’s retired executioner. Faolan’s father forces him into going, and after the Vampire saves his life, Faolan realizes that the two of them will be partners for much longer than seven days. 

Faolan and the Vampire are bound together by a force older than any of them can imagine, and only they can hope to defeat Hunter. However, the Vampire has not been entirely truthful. What is she keeping from Faolan? And will he be able to learn her secret before both of them are killed?


Each of the author is giving away one signed paperback edition of their books, open to readers and bloggers from the U.S. and Canada and must be 18 years old and above.
To join the book giveaways, just follow Bookingly Yours, leave a comment with your email or comment and email me at with the subject "Book giveaways". Extra points will be given to those who will share this post thru Facebook and/or Twitter, with the link/s included in the comment section/email. Book give aways will end on March 22 and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter. 


Robyn Campbell said...

I have all of these books. Retribution is bodacious!!!!!!!!!! I love Andrew Cotto. Great giveaway! Good luck to everyone.

Thank you for reading my interview over at Nut's house yesterday. *waving*

Bookingly Yours said...

Hi Robyn thanks for visiting my blog btw, that was a fun interview ;)

Darlene said...

Please enter me in the draw, and thanks for the giveaway!

GFC Darlene
darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

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MMercer said...

I'd like to be entered into the drawing as well!

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