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Guest Author: Linda Cargill

Why Do All The Saboteurs Want The Lawrence Maps?

T. E. Lawrence, or Lawrence of Arabia, was a genius when it came to military tactics. He thought that the old-fashioned kind of warfare where soldiers attacked in a phalanx kind of movement, grouped together and in formation, was outdated by the twentieth century. He told his Arab Bedouin warriors to fight the Ottoman Turks in the First World War by doing what came naturally to them. In other words, they were to attack in small groups, preferably by night. They engaged in a hit-and-run kind of guerrilla warfare. 

Lawrence himself liked to plant "tulip" bombs along the Turkish railroad tracks and blow them, along with the Turkish trains, sky high. On the road to Damascus in September 1918, he and his Arab army tore up all the railroad lines to the point that the Ottoman Turks had nowhere to turn. They had to sue for peace, starting a chain of events that eventually forced Germany to sign the Armistice in November 1918, ending World War I. Lawrence became so famous that he attended the Paris Peace Conference in January, 1919, representing the Arabs that he had helped to liberate from the Turks.

This new kind of guerrilla warfare emphasized mobility --- if you weren't moving, you weren't fighting --- and it was something the Germans wanted to imitate in case there was another war. That's why I have the Germans pursuing Colonel Lawrence and Lieutenant Edward Ware in Key to Lawrence. Even Adolf Hitler wanted to find out about this new method of fighting. His favorite General, Erwin Rommel, became an ardent admirer of T. E. Lawrence. 

This is why all the saboteurs in the thriller novel want to capture the Lawrence maps and will do anything to achieve that aim.

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About the author:

Linda Cargill likes to pack up her minivan and tour the country every summer. She explores locales with ghostly or supernatural connections. She listens to local legends and lore. She investigates mysteries. Then she shares her findings with her readers in each new young adult suspense novel. Once in awhile she even pens an historical! All her books are pictured on her website She lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, Gary, an attorney, her son, Kenny, a Russian translator, her Abyssinian cat, Putlitz, and her Labrador Retriever, Sabaka.

Key To Lawrence
by the Cargills

Series: Edward Ware Thrillers
Paperback: 252 pages
Publisher: Cheops Books; first edition edition (October 1, 2013)


Who is that sinister-looking stranger who keeps eying Miss Dora Benley on the Lusitania pier on May 1, 1915? At dinner the first night in the grand dining room he sends her a threatening note. He orders her to hand over her father's birthday package. She carried it aboard, a gift from Sir Adolphus Ware, the car magnate her Robber Baron father is sailing to England to meet over a tire deal. If she doesn't obey, he threatens to blow up the ship. There's nothing inside the package except an empty humidor! Dora had better figure out what's going on, or the saboteur will send her ot the bottom of the Irish Sea.

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