Monday, October 14, 2013

Hardbound Giveaway: Captive by A.D. Robertson

For twenty-five years, Tristan Doran has enjoyed a life of power and privilege, but his days at Castle Tierney are lonely and tedious, surrounded by servants and wolf Guardians enlisted to protect him. As a direct descendent of the Keepers—witches who have embraced dark magic—Tristan’s bloodline is too valuable to risk, so his overlord Bosque Mar has kept him safe, and therefore forced him to observe the centuries-old Witches War from the sidelines.

Sarah is a beautiful and young Searcher, fighting for the other side. When she is captured and made prisoner in Tristan’s castle, he is instantly infatuated with her. Each a captive in their own right, Tristan and Sarah are unable to contain their desires and the pair flings themselves into a passionate and forbidden romance—only to discover that their love is at the heart of a prophecy predicting the downfall of the only world Tristan has ever known. 

CAPTIVE is hot, sexy, and completely addictive. Tristan and Sarah are tangible and alluring characters, and Robertson’s coy and witty voice shines in the role of romantic narrator.

Giveaway ends on October 16, 2013


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