Saturday, February 15, 2014

Guest Author: Jan Porter

One Community; one spirit.

Writing Soul Skin has been the journey of a lifetime! While others were couch curled watching the telly, I was immersed in the most marvelous world of Navi’s dream journeying. 

After some 30 plus years in social services and closet writing, I am finally able to cocoon and journey those ancient magical journeys and share them with you! Post menopause myself, chuckle as you may, this old crone re-wiring Kundalini change brings phenomenal spirit world door openings, for those who go with the flow of it all. One thing I know for sure is that OM home is where the heart and soul resides; within. It is older than religion and philosophy, beyond our day to day survival pre-occupations. It is a sacred alignment with the divine, one’s self, and with each other. 

OM, God, Creator, Jedi force, divine matrix, vortex or Allah, it is that living breathing feel good divine life force that exists beyond our normal consciousness. It is what the ancients and the indigenous have always known. Whatever terminology you are comfortable with, be assured that it is a wise, intelligent and unconditionally loving force that lives within all animate and inanimate life forms. It is a force that affirms our inherent goodness, just as we are, quirks and all. It unites us all, through sisterhoods and brotherhoods, and time transcends all cultures, religions, philosophies and schools of thought.

Within each and every one of us there is a naturally evolving powerful force of self-love, honour and intuition. It is an inner wise consulting intuitive soul compass that when followed, naturally flows divine love, inspiration, passion and creativity. An individual’s spiritual journey is as unique as a fingerprint and holds no ties to one faith, path, culture, modality or era. Yet, like the mysterious powerful forces and will power that is threaded throughout Navi’s journey, it is our individual connection to our own soul and spirit that ultimately, when we open our minds and allow, makes us ‘One’ with each other and the all that is.

In spiritual growth, we come to know this divine flow as a life force and interconnectedness, where we find our own unique authentic wild nature and for many, consciously choose to forgo a traditional lifestyle, for that unchartered authentic life journey.

Each soul’s existence and unique expression adds to the beautiful tapestry of the cosmos. The ancient sisterhood shawl symbolizes that divine nurturing, sense of belonging, and timeless wisdom, that allows us to walk in harmony with the all that is, just as we are, and in harmony with each other. Across the cosmos, soul mates and kindred spirits find each other.

Life is a series of defining moments, cross roads and gateways, and as each door closes, in time, new ones open. Always, all ways; follow the heartbeat of your own soul, which is the path of most light and love. Navi is the spiritual soul seeker within each of us. 

One woman, one man is a tiny divine spark in a timeless sisterhood or brotherhood tapestry collective; all of us are Wild Women and Men.

And so it is.

Love and Blessings on your journey ~ 

Jan Porter /

Soul Skin 
1000 lifetimes, 1000 sacred dream journeys

Author: Jan I. Porter
Paperback: 586 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 21, 2013)
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Midlife crisis Navi communes with her dead Grandmother and a mysterious soul skin man. Doomed to marital heartbreak, she clumsily follows a shamanic path; all the while coping with a child’s cancer, spirit world intrusion, church doctrine, menopause, a dark shadow nemesis, and job loss. All of these, rudely slamming her into a dark night of the soul. Sacred ancient sisterhood teachings via dream journeys ensue in a Nazi death camp, a pre-civil war deep south, early indigenous North America, and as Joan of Arc. Also, as audience with Lord Byron and as a wolf mate. Navi explores life in a thought provoking and amusing commentary of social, cultural and religious ideals, all stirring controversy. It is the love of daughter, Gran, nature and soul skin man that carries her forward.


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