Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Trailer: Soul Skin by Jan I. Porter

Soul Skin 
1000 lifetimes, 1000 sacred dream journeys

Author: Jan I. Porter
Paperback: 586 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 21, 2013)
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Midlife crisis Navi communes with her dead Grandmother and a mysterious soul skin man. Doomed to marital heartbreak, she clumsily follows a shamanic path; all the while coping with a child’s cancer, spirit world intrusion, church doctrine, menopause, a dark shadow nemesis, and job loss. All of these, rudely slamming her into a dark night of the soul. Sacred ancient sisterhood teachings via dream journeys ensue in a Nazi death camp, a pre-civil war deep south, early indigenous North America, and as Joan of Arc. Also, as audience with Lord Byron and as a wolf mate. Navi explores life in a thought provoking and amusing commentary of social, cultural and religious ideals, all stirring controversy. It is the love of daughter, Gran, nature and soul skin man that carries her forward.


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