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Book Review: The Orphanage of Doom (The Grimm Chronicles, Book 4)

The Orphanage of Doom 
(The Grimm Chronicles, Book 4) 

Kindle Edition
Authors: Isabella Fontaine and Ken Brosky
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Print Length: 136 pages
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Publisher: Brew City Press (October 9, 2012)
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Note: I received a review copy of this book free from the authors, Isabella Fontaine and Ken Brosky. The review posted below is based on my personal thoughts while reading the book.

Ratings: ★ ★ ★

My thoughts:

Orphanage of Doom is the 4th book in the Grimm Chronicles. Alice is back in school, she's doing good pretending to be living a normal life but then again, there's this "hero thing" she must attend to. Alice cannot ignore the "hero tasks" because even in her dreams, she sees the Corrupted ones doing bad things to people... and she can't let the Corrupted live knowing people are in constant danger. 

The first story didn't hold my attention probably because I am not familiar with this particular Grimm story. I had to skip to the next and I found the Orphanage story to be better than the first one. I'm happy that Seth is helping Alice do her "hero tasks". I hope they'd be together, like in a relationship *yaaay!* in the next book and I'm so annoyed with Trish! Wish she would leave Seth alone - forever! 

The first in the Grimm series that I did skim through *insert sad face*. Now reading book #5, Blood and Thunder, so far, I'm enjoying it!

About the book:

Senior year of high school has begun. For most students that means settling into classes, doing homework and maybe working part-time over the weekend.

For Alice Goodenough, it means navigating the tricky cliques of her high school, staying on top of her studies and making new friends ... in addition to experiencing more nightmares, more sword training and more doing battle with the Corrupted. 

After facing off with the dreaded dwarf named Sam Grayle, Alice finds her dreams plagued by two separate visions. In one, she's floating through a massive mansion filled with old, dusty furniture and drafty windows. Shadows dance across the wall. Children cry out in terror. A mysterious animal growl echoes through the halls.

In her second dream, a terrible smoke-like creature roams the streets of Minneapolis, feeding off human victims while it plots a terrible revenge that threatens to have far-reaching consequences. Alice must decide which dream to pursue: does she foil the smoke-creature's plot or try to rescue the children from an unseen evil?

This book also contains the following Grimms' fairy tales:

-- The Juniper-Tree
-- The Mister in the Bush

About the author: 

I received my MFA in fiction writing from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. I've had over a dozen short stories published.

In addition to regularly contributing literary fiction to various journals and magazines, my current project is a Young Adult series called The Grimm Chronicles. Maybe you've heard of it? No? Really? Well ...

My co-author Isabella Fontaine and I devised 3 "rules" for this Young Adult series. They're important to us.

1. There are no love triangles. We've set this as an explicit rule. Our main character might find love, but she won't be hounded by topless boys and she certainly will never spend her time deciding who to spend the rest of her life with.

2. Our hero, Alice, must use her brain to overcome her obstacles. That doesn't mean she can't kick some butt (she definitely can!), but she does have to rely on her knowledge to win the day.

3. Alice will never commit an act of violence against another human being without there being consequences. Sure, she can do battle with evil monsters ... but violence against human beings has real consequences. Too often our heroes of today cause physical pain to people around them in order to achieve victory. Alice is different. Alice respects nonviolence to solve real-world problems, and only uses violence to rid the world of the evil Corrupted.


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