Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Guest Author: Daniel Alexander

Through the Crimson Mirror

Author: Daniel Alexander
Genre: Autobiography, non-fiction, parenting

About the book

Through the Crimson Mirror is a story, an autobiography and a unique look at parenting: a view from a child’s point of view. Effective communication should be a two-way interaction, but for a long time society adopted the attitude of “children are to be seen and not heard.” Unfortunately, we are seeing the ripples of that now: depression, alcoholism, obesity, drug use, gang culture, abortions are all on the rise. There are root causes for all of these, which as a society, we are not addressing.

Often the root causes of these problems are crated when people are young, and often parents aren’t aware of this. What Through the Crimson Mirror tries to do is tell the author’s story while sharing all the lesson he wished he had learned while growing up. In addition, the feelings behind the lessons and the reasons for certain destructive behaviours in children.

The author did a lot of research to form the conclusions that are in the book. In addition, the author interviewed many people including teachers, children, parents, reformed alcoholics and drug addicts, prisoners, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, people who work with children that have learning challenges such as ADHD and dyslexia and more.

Through the Crimson Mirror touches on many subjects including depression and mental health, loneliness, education and communication to mention a few. It appeals to a wide audience because it’s a story, an autobiography and a parenting book.

About the author

After many tempestuous years at home, the never learned the coping skills to properly survive in the real world and was susceptible to depression. This eventually led to a breakdown, which lead to the inspiration for this book: to help others have a better start to life. Since then the author has become a public speaker, talking about parenting and related topics. The author is also a radio personality in his home country, and often talks about parenting on air.

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Felicity Grace Terry said...

Hmm, sounds interesting though I worry there could be too much going on.

Unknown said...

Too much what going on?
I'm the author, so feel free to ask away :)

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