Monday, December 21, 2015

Book on sale for $0.99 today until December 25!! Planets, Moons and Places along the way by Jake Taylor

This is an eBook of illustrations related to the series entitled Yah and the Space Cadets. It is essentially an invitation to read said series, which is meant for the young (ages eight and up). The volumes chronicle the adventures of twelve young cadets in their quest to establish a new civilization on a faraway planet, which they ended up naming AquaSoil. The first three eBooks are available. The fourth one is being finished; the projected number for the series is seven.

This eBook has an active Table of Contents and a comprehensive Glossary to allow the reader to return to a favorite illustration or to learn more about the characters or places.

We are sure that not only your son or daughter will enjoy this series. In fact, we are pretty certain that you and your parents will enjoy it too.


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