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Book Spotlight with Chapter 1: Star Rise: The Third Expedition by Jake Taylor

Star Rise: The Third Expedition 
(Yah and the Space Cadets Book 3)
by Jake Taylor

Kindle Edition

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Publisher: TT&T Publishers; 2 edition (March 22, 2014)
Publication Date: March 22, 2014
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About the book:

Some call them extraterrestrials, others call them Gods. This is their story.

Sir Henry Johnston can’t help but laugh when he learns that the cadets are charged with speeding, towing disabled spaceships, and refusing to pay a toll in DEEP SPACE. He agrees with Judge Purrik who dismissed the charges as “Ridiculous!” On the other hand, the judge wants to hear about Alph who, being alone, was able to fight during five days without respite and kill 215 Lutins (enormous, vicious, hyena-like creatures). In addition, he wants to know who fired the Veloceptors, and who put microscopic tracking devices in the ‘traffic tickets’ handed out by Colonel Erlakee. Finally, he wants to hear the charge against Lieutenant Generals Yalert and Dirah of an Unprovoked Attack in Deep Space, and that of Torture against them as committed by Yah and Commander d’Nor. But, suddenly and unexpectedly, Queen Mella Kreffa drops all the charges provided the Empire of Annur does the same. The big question is: Why?

Once the third expedition gets underway, the cadets continue to obtain strange powers; for example, they can grab the soul of a living creature and scatter it about. What kind of power is this!? In spite of their many powers and gifts, nine of the twelve cadets are captured in beautiful Crystal Planet.

Later, they receive the gift that allows them to float their souls; something that “is not like levitation or flying, it is rather like ascending effortlessly, as if transforming oneself into breezes and sounds.”

On their way to AquaSoil, they go to planet Nirrat to test their powers. Later, they discover two mountains made of diamond drifting alone in space. They claim ownership of the mountains on behalf of the Empire but, a few minutes later, they are challenged by Captain Lusada (a Tamort) who claims them for Queen Mella; she accomplishes this with the aid of Colonel Erlakee (a Herptile).

With all these occurrences, will the cadets succeed in preparing AquaSoil for a future civilization?

Keep on reading with Sir Henry and follow the amazing adventures of the cadets in the third volume of the ‘Yah and the Space Cadets’ series: “Star Rise / The Third Expedition.”

Chapter 1

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