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Book Spotlight with Chapter 1: Two Spheres: The Fourth Expedition by Jake Taylor

Two Spheres: The Fourth Expedition 
(Yah and the Space Cadets Book 4)
by Jake Taylor

Kindle Edition
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Publisher: TT&T Publishers; 1 edition (November 8, 2015)
Publication Date: November 8, 2015
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About the book:

The Forth Expedition begins when Ada reveals to her fellow cadets that she and Erlakee will share a room at the clinic where she is receiving Pevasy treatments. Later, the cadets are informed of the objectives of the mission: Ensure that the damage suffered by AquaSoil will not impede the development of vegetation; determine the fate of its two moons, and measure the exact orbit of AquaSoil around its star.

During their trip to AquaSoil, the cadets visit Veradrix, a planet with a toxic and explosive atmosphere and many mysteries that hide puzzling messages, one said: “Listen to the fallen leaves as rustled by the breeze.”

They obtain two ‘exclusive’ powers before their next stop, which is planet Rensekal. There, they meet General Colpan and learn escape maneuvers. Colpan gives them whistles that produce Top Priority Signals.

Two major developments take place while the cadets travel to AquaSoil: First, Lieutenant-Generals Yalert and Dirah (enemies of the Empire) continue on their mission to catch the object ejected from the Audacious during a previous expedition. And second, a ‘secret’ gathering takes place where a mysterious being named Lord Uzbel reveals himself as the head of a major conspiracy against Annur’s empire. A female agent by the name of Randora will help Erlakee to create havoc on AquaSoil.

D’Nor and Kuln reveal to the cadets the existence of life-infusors and life-amplifiers onboard the Audacious that are required to seed the planet.

The cadets visit planet Tregf where they practice ways of dropping the infusors and amplifiers in preparation for doing it on AquaSoil. During their return trip the explorers run into a spaceship adrift in space.

The moment they enter the Eanono Wormhole on their way back, Lord Uzbel sends a message to Randora ordering her to start the mayhem together with Erlakee.

The cadets begin to question the reasons for their missions thinking that there will be a great struggle in the future and regret not having protected AquaSoil properly. They now think that their enemies will attack the planet; they send sentinels to keep an eye on AquaSoil. The Fourth Expedition ends when the system informs the cadets that their sentinels were cunningly deflected…

Chapter 1

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