Review Policy

Review Policy

If you are an author, agent, publisher:

I am an eclectic reader, I read :

Young Adult, Middle Grade/Tween Novels, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Crime, Horror, Mystery, and Children's (picture) books.

I only accept printed and audio books. The usual turn around time for review is 4-8 weeks. If your book is only available in e-book format, I may accept it if you can send me a printed copy of your e-book. I don't accept book review requests with deadlines.


I do not read and review a series  out of sequence. If you have a request that is part of a series, I will request that you also send me a copy of the previous book/s even if you think it is a stand-alone book.

My review contains synopsis, cover photo, short bio of the author, and an Amazon link. The reviews posted here are personal and honest and that includes writing a negative review if I didn't like the book. I also post reviews in Goodreads, Book Blogs, Shelfari and in my Facebook account.

Send your requests to: with the uniform subject lines as set forth below:

Book Review Request: Author + Title
Guest Post : Author

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