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Guest Author and Give away: H.A. Goodman

Guys, I know I know, you've been seeing a lot of guest posts here (and give aways *smiles*). That's because I have been extremeeeeely busy the last few weeks with work, family and yeah. . . yeah. . . what else, of course reading. I have actually drafted some of my book reviews (see list in my side bar) and I *promise* I will finalize them by next week (my much awaited 1-week vacation - SUPER yay).

Have you thought about your New Year's resolution? Me, hmm not yet. It's only a few hours here before 1 January 2011, so please welcome my last guest author for the year 2010.

Say Hi to H.A. Goodman, author of Logic of Demons.

First, I'd like to thank Bookingly Yours for this opportunity!

My name is H. A. Goodman and I'm the author of Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine's Soul.

I grew up in the 1980’s playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading Marvel Comics and “Choose Your Own Adventure” novels, glued to Intellivision, drawing Battle Tech robots, and riding my dirt bike every day in the summers. Being young, my imagination had no boundaries and the world was fresh, new, and easily transformed into a scene from Star Wars or Conan the Barbarian.

However, the older I got, the more my Thundercats cartoon days eluded me. I began to study International Relations at USC and loved it. I learned about international conflicts, historical figures conquering millions, the Cold War, and how human beings have treated each other throughout history. The older I got, the more serious I got about life, and the farther away I moved from the innocence of building a castle with Legos or reading an X-Men comic book.

Then something happened that made me want to combine both time periods of the evolution of my imagination. Last year, I was betrayed by some very close friends (as well as dealing with some other issues) and I went into a deep depression. Writing Logic of Demons was a way to deal with that pain, and a way to make sense of people who sometimes don’t understand that gossip and hearsay almost always cause others a lot of hurt and unhappiness.

My novel is also inspired by two books in particular that dive into human nature in a phenomenal way: On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and God is Not Great, by Christopher Hitchens.

My years as a teacher at Hamilton High in Los Angeles are also represented in Logic of Demons. I had the privilege of teaching students who had the talent to draw amazing Anime storylines, play guitar, show immense courage despite hardship, and remind me what it was like to be a teenager. I saw a lot of myself in those kids, and I also saw young people who were a lot stronger than I was at that age.

Is Nadine victorious in Logic of Demons? Does the civil war taking place in heaven or the subterranean company in hell cause her to lose her way? Will her demonic and angelic allies be able to protect her?

The story is a bit of a rollercoaster, and it can get a tiny bit graphic and dark at times, but the ending answers all those questions and more... Also, I know that after writing Logic of Demons, I felt closer to my Avengers comic book and Nintendo Duck Hunt days than ever before.

I've included some recent reviews below for people interested in learning more about the novel.

Happy Holidays and thanks again!

H. A. Goodman
Logic of Demons

 “Logic of Demons is a much deeper novel than first appears…  The novel’s main themes of sociology, religion, the human condition and the whole afterlife question are covered with a great deal of sensitivity, thought and intelligence… Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine’s Soul is an easy reading, light hearted novel that manages to convey some important ideas without damaging the twisty story, with a very original plot and amusing characters, recommended.”

SciFi and Fantasy Books
non profit, independent, Book Reviews
4 out of 5 stars

“Although Logic of Demons explores heaven, hell, angels, and demons, I don't feel that it had an overbearingly religious message and is a novel that can be thoroughly enjoyed regardless of your own personal beliefs… Overall, I think H.A. Goodman has penned a novel that is incredibly unique and thought provoking. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of darkness in their fantasy.”

The Happy BookerEpic, Urban, and Dark Fantasy book reviews and more
4 out of 5 stars“Goodman's debut novel takes readers on an adventure into the afterworld, showing that choices have consequences that stretch beyond the present—even beyond this life... Goodman's story is interesting, twisty and thoughtful…”
Editor Review
Kirkus Reviews

“Logic of Demons is an insane thrill ride of an adventure... Devin makes a decision that ultimately catapults him on a path to atonement, forgiveness, and ultimately redemption. While trying to redeem himself and find his way to a life where he continue out all time with his wife, Devin learns the depth of the human condition and how far people will go to control situations… He's [Goodman] created a masterpiece of a novel that combines a great writing voice, characters that make you feel for them, and a story about redemption that anyone can appreciate.”I Swim For Oceans Book Review Blog
4 out of 5 stars

“Logic of Demons is a very deep book. It takes religion and morals into great consideration… Overall, Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine's Soul is an endless battle between right and wrong, and coming to terms with has happened. Also, how you can't change time, no matter how many times you wish to go back in time and erase the bad memories. *I feel like I'm not doing this book enough justice.”

Books From a Shelf
young adult book reviews
4 out of 5 stars
“In the story, Nadine is this talented anime artist whose parents are dead and she lives with her holy-rolling Uncle. But why her? There’s a billion depressed, self-loathing teenagers out there so what makes her so special? With all the tragedy bestowed on this chick, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. While reading this, I often thought that personal tragedy was the common thread between Devin and Nadine. Could it be that Devin is the key to save or condemn Nadine’s soul? I won’t tell you… you’ll have to find out…looking for a killer plot twist, try this book.”Mina Burrows
Books for Paranormal and Mystic Minds 

Give away! Give away! Give away!

The author is giving away 2 paperback copies of LOGIC of DEMONS and yay! this is an INTERNATIONAL give away.

All you have to do is follow me, leave a comment with your name and email or if you don't want to leave your email, just comment and send me your email here : with the subject "H.A. Goodman give away". This give away will end on January 17 and winners will be announced on January 18.



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Status: I am NOT here

Yeah. I am not here. And this is not me. . . .  Oh just kidding!

Okay - I apologize for not posting anything and yeah for not writing book reviews. It's just that things are crazy at home, playing with my kids, reading books and watching movies and TV series. . . . .

Oh. I'm back working (in the office. . . . shhh) and I don't think I will be posting anything for the whole week. My one-week vacation would be next week and I need to finish all work in 3 days! Sooo I promise to post my reviews by next week . . . . here's the list:

Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton
Raven Wings and 13 more twisted tales by Frank G. Poe, Jr.
Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado
Harvest Moon by Krista Ball

Great! New Year is coming soooo HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!

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Christmas Hop

It's Friday again - and. . .

It's almost Christmas here - 10 more hours to go!

I found this cutey Christmas Tree in National Bookstore. It's the best Christmas tree I've seen for this year. I love collecting teddies and since I have a lot of teddies at home, I will decorate my tree next year like this!

Okay, and for the weekly hop. . . .

What are you plans for this fabulous day?

Oh, well, this is the time of the year to be with family. Go to church and then we will watch a horror movie - that's me and my husband and we'll also watch another movie with the kids . .

       Have a Merry Merry Merry Christmas!!

Guest Author and Give away: Jessica Barksdale Inclan

My novel The Only Thing I See started as many of my books have—through my experiences.  When the photographer came to shoot my then fiancĂ© (now my husband) and me, I was impressed by her ability to “see” us through the lens.  As she shot and clicked and moved us around the backyard of our home, I really felt as though she were capturing us in a way that was real and true.  When we received the proofs of the shots, I realized that my gut feeling was true.  She had seen us, the core of us as a couple.  What shone through in those photos was who we are together.

But later, I started to imagine what it would be like to see the other side of things, the couples who are not happy at the core, the inside of a relationship that is not working at all.  What would that feel like—worse, what would that look like?  And how would a wedding photographer feel about taking photos of a couple that seemed doomed from the get go?  Would she feel a responsibility to tell them to just shake hands and move on?  What would that mean about her job and her own relationships?  Would that be projecting her feelings onto them?  Or were those impressions correct?  And are those feelings just plain nuts? 

With this idea in mind, I started writing The Only Thing I See.  My main character Annabelle Cousins is a wedding photographer, a good one, and when her own relationship changes—her boyfriend Drew proposes—she begins to look at couples in a different way.  She actually begins to see when a relationship will go bad.

This sudden, upsetting new ability throws a monkey wrench in things, and with the help of her Tarot card reading mother and best friend (and wedding planner) Khalie, she navigates the line between intuition, faith, and trust.  When she meets Robert and Nadine at a photo shoot, she tries hard not to see what she sees when looking through the lens, but in a way, she’s happy to finally see Robert.  But all the relationships in this novel go through a sometimes wild but always needed transformation.

Of course you can see that it was useful as a writer to write about a wedding photographer with a wedding planner best friend in the year of my engagement!  I did use my own wedding as my research, as I was thinking quite a lot about photographers, venues, dresses, cakes, caterers, vows, and, most importantly, life commitments.  I was surrounded by the markers and details of the promise a relationship and marriage can bring as well as the reality that we can throw this amazing party and later, well, things might not work out.  Moreover, weddings are a great setting for most any story, as we bring those most important to us in one place and make one of the biggest life transformations we can in public.  Why not let characters have at it? 

The Only Thing I See is about really seeing what is in front of you instead of hiding behind what you think you should do or who you think you should be with.  It’s a story about friendship and mothers and daughters and, most importantly, love amidst the weddings.

Give away! Give away! Give away!

The author is giving away 3 ebooks of her latest novel, The Only Thing I See and 2 paperback copies of Being With Him to 5 lucky winners and this is an INTERNATIONAL give away for ebooks and US only for paperback copies.

All you have to do is follow me, leave a comment with your name and email or if you don't want to leave your email, just comment and send me your email here : with the subject "Jessica Barksdale Inclan give away". This give away will end on January 3 and winners will be announced on January 4.


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Giveaways Winner: Ghost of a Flea by John Brinling

Here are the 3 lucky winners of:

Congratulations to: 


I will be sending you an email in a while. Thank you to John Brinling for this giveaway!!

If you didn't win make sure you check out other contests and there will be more coming soon!!

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All I Want For Christmas. . . .

What I want?

Of course books and books! I have listed my to-be-read books getting ready for the Christmas/New Year holiday! Yay! I've got 15 days to read books including my annual leave on January 3 - 7 next year.

First, let's start with these books which have been literally sitting in my chair for months now.

I was sooo young when I watched this movie and since I love to read/collect books which were turned into movies, I bought this book.

This one I borrowed from my best friend.

I love Harlequin books! If you want a short romance story - buy Harlequin books!

                                  I love Anita Blake and Sookie Stackhouse series!

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series

I've been reading Blue Moon (8th book of the Anita Blake series) for months now but couldn't finish it. It's actually a good book. It's just that everytime I want to pick up this book, something is happening that's preventing me to finish this book. I promise to finish reading BLUE MOON and OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY this December. So sad I'm gonna fail in the Anita Blake challenge which I joined in September 2010. Oh goody! There are a total of 20 books in the series and I don't think I can buy them all this year . . . .

1 Guilty Pleasures
2 The Laughing Corpse
3 Circus of the Damned
4 The Lunatic Cafe
5 Bloody Bones
6 The Killing Dance
7 Burnt Offerings
8 Blue Moon
9 Obsidian Butterfly

10 Narcissus In Chains
11 Cerulean Sins
12 Incubus Dreams

13 Micah
14 Danse Macabre
15 The Harlequin
16 Blood Noir

17 Skin Trade
18 Flirt
19 Bullet
20 Hit List (coming in Summer of 2011)

I got 3 more Anita books I bought from Book Sale (in bold) but I couldn't read them without reading Book 10, 13, 14, 15. Lately, I have this obsession in checking good old books in Amazon with positive reviews and then I'll go to Book Sale to find them. So, imagine me  staying in that room for more than an hour. Oh, I remember - I found 3 more Laurell K. Hamilton books in Book Sale - the Gentry series BUT I had no money that time. Had to go back to the office to get money and then when I came back - sooo pissed! Gone! Up until now, they can't tell me where those books are!

And this one, my first Marvel - a gift from a friend Comic Freak of:

Comics and Then Some is a blog dedicated to all comic lovers who like discussing their favorite characters, writers, artist and the likes online. This blog is for those who live, eat and breathe with their comics everyday, and enjoys it.

Visit his blog HERE

I've read a lot of good reviews for this book NightShade by Andrea Cremer. Since Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead has just ended this December, I'd like to find a new series to follow and I'd like this book to be my "last buy" for 2010. "To-buy" on December 25.

And these are the books I received from authors/publishers and agents for book review:

Currently reading

"Naive and sheltered Prince Temmin, Heir of Tremont, is newly arrived to his father King Harsin's court in the City. He quickly finds himself the target of assassins sent by enemies he didn't even know he had.

What's more, the Gods known as the Lovers are luring Temmin into serving them for two years; King Harsin works to stop him, fearing the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. Haunted by his own mistakes, Temmin must confront the intimate history of his ancestors and decide between the direct, pragmatic path to power offered by the King, and the more subtle, spiritual path of the Lovers.

With the help of his family's immortal advisor Teacher, Temmin must make his choice. One will lead to ultimate glory for Tremont, the other to its end, but which one is which?" - Goodreads

"Cheryl Erikson doesn't like playing DEA agent, but when a dangerous new drug named Plast find its way onto the streets of Dallas, and the dealers just happen to be vampires, then she had to take action.

With the help of her best friend Virgil, and a mysterious Vampire Hunter named Rev, Cheryl must work to eradicate Plast from the streets of Dallas. It's a task that becomes more difficult as she dodges assassination attempts; evades a nosy police detective who wants to peg her for a triple homicide; figures out what a shadow government organization wants from her; as well as deal with a powerful vampire who has a sudden interest in her activities.

Her path takes her through the Spiral X nightclub, where everything she thinks she knows, and everything she stands for, is challenged in ways she never imagined." - Goodreads

"Alli-Kar, a white-hole portal from another universe, rains meteoroids onto the surface of the planet Kelanni. But the so-called "lodestones" behave according to different physical laws, transforming Kelanni's society.
With the aid of the fearsome Keltar in their flying cloaks, the Kelanni are being put to forced labor to mine the lodestones.

Shann, an orphan with a fiery disposition, witnesses a battle between a Keltar and a stranger bearing a similar flying cloak. She tracks down the stranger, learning of the technology behind the Keltars' power and joining him on a mission to free the slaves and cut off their supply of lodestones.

Meanwhile Keris, a Keltar, is sent on a mission to track down the rebels. She is attacked by a flying creature
and saved by the enigmatic Chandara. At their Great Tree, she learns that a mysterious "Prophet" is out to destroy the Kelanni people. Their only hope is a powerful instrument hidden in the distant past.

Pursued by Keltar, the party will encounter bizarre creatures, ancient technologies and terrifying dangers. Finally, they must seek to cross a massive storm barrier in order to reach the other side of their world, where a world-shaking revelation awaits." - Goodreads

"When handsome TV archaeologist Faladan Pala disappears while taping an episode of “I Dig the Past,” it’s up to Petchy Maligula, grrl detective, to bring him back alive. Petchy is big and tough, and more than a match for any man, but she does have one weakness: She’s madly in love with Faladan Pala. When she hears an evil cult called the Sisters of Inner Beauty may have abducted Faladan so they can sacrifice him to the ancient serpent goddess Quatakexel, Petchy vows to save him at all costs.

As she contends with ghost gangs, demon wannabes, eccentric professors, reclusive millionaires and snotty babes, she must draw on all her power?both muscular and magical?to learn the truth. But as she delves into the case, she uncovers a secret that knocks her for a loop and threatens her love for the man of her dreams."

"Dancing Cat angers her Ancestor, whose harsh punishment teaches her that true strength comes from the spirit within.

Cursed, abused, and desperate to know her future, Dancing Cat sneaks a glimpse inside her tribe's Sacred Bundle, a powerful source of spirit magic. Instead of the future, she sees her most powerful ancestor, Small Tree and incurs her wrath. Small Tree strips Dancing Cat of everything - her home, her identity, even her gender - and drops her in the middle of enemy lands.

Injured, and in a strange, new body, she is befriended by Bearclaw who is on a spirit quest. He offers her assistance and asks for nothing in return; a kindness Dancing Cat had forgotten existed. She struggles to weave a path around the obstacles of friendship, identity, and longing in order to survive her eventual return home to face even further punishment.

And she does it while wearing someone else's skin." - Goodreads

How about you?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Guest Author and Give away : Kris Sedersten

Hello! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas time, already.  I’m nearly finished with my shopping but the clock keeps ticking away!  My name is Kris Sedersten.  I’m the author of an exciting new book titled “Mojo” that I’d love to share with everyone who enjoys the paranormal/mystery genre.      

As a new author, I find it difficult to find ways to connect directly with readers who love ghost stories as much as I do. I’ve discovered that blogging can provide that communication.  I’m new to the art of blogging but I love it so far and I think it is an awesome way to introduce Mojo to the world! I want to thank Jenai for the opportunity to introduce myself and talk about my book.  It is a privilege to be here.

About Me:  In addition to my fiction addiction, I enjoy exercise, reading, animals, Bible studies, spending time with friends and family…and Stephen King!  What a crazy combo, right?  I love all things paranormal and I enjoy exploring the possibilities surrounding unexplained phenomena.  Ghost hunting and scientific inquiry into the paranormal fascinates me.  Writing fiction has become my favorite pastime.  I also enjoy sharing my faith in innovative ways, without being pushy or preachy.  Combining these passions has led to a series of books I’m working on.  If you’ve got Mojo; look for upcoming releases in 2011.    

About Mojo:  Mojo is a fast-paced paranormal mystery-thriller.  Dark and edgy, this book will show the reader how having faith in a power greater than ourselves will lift us through even the most unforeseeable circumstances in life.  The story takes place in and around the Mojo city of New Orleans, Louisiana.  With the city’s haunted history and colorful blend of culture and religion, it was the obvious setting for Mojo.                                        .                                    

When Scottie Brown, a New Orleans college student, is haunted by threatening nightmares and daytime apparitions, he begins a search for answers; unwittingly putting himself and those closest
to him in a confrontation with the evil.
To fight the energy that torments him, he recruits a team of paranormal investigators, friends from high school, and a psychic medium.  Together, they pursue the ghosts of Scottie’s ancestors in a haunted plantation in the Louisiana countryside.  They uncover dark family secrets and the spiritual energy of a malevolent patriarch who projects an unholy prophecy that could have deadly consequences for all mankind.  

The characters in Mojo are colorful and entertaining; from the swamp witch, “Mama Niecy”, to the ghosts and ghouls of the plantation known as Phoenix. The power of the term “Mojo” becomes central to fighting Scottie’s demons as the journey through the haunted mansion, filled with twists and turns, takes on a life of its own in a race against time.
Please visit my website to check out my blog and leave a message or share a personal paranormal experience.  Once you’ve read Mojo, I’d love to hear what you think about the story and how it was told.  As an unexperienced writer, I learn something new every day.  I’m open to suggestions and any input is welcome.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Kris Sedersten

Give away! Give away! Give away!

The author is giving away 1 paperback copy of Mojo to 1 lucky winner and this is an INTERNATIONAL give away!!!

All you have to do is follow me, leave a comment with your name and email or if you don't want to leave your email, just comment and send me your email here : with the subject "Mojo give away". This give away will end on December 31 and winner will be announced on January 1.

Good luck!

Happy Friday!!!!

Time for the weekly BLOG HOP! 
Visit Parajunkee's view and Crazy for Books for the linky . . . .

This week's question:

"What did you study in college, or are currently studying and did it lead to your current 9 to 5 or are you doing something totally different?


I'm a Tourism graduate and have some units in MS Tourism but currently working in a law firm. . . . it's a long story but to make it short, it's all about job security and money. .  :(

This week's question is:

"What do you consider the most important in a story: the plot or the characters?"

Hmm both. They're both important in a story but if I have to choose only one, I think it's the plot of the story . . . . that's the reason why I'm buying the book not the characters.

Happy Friday!!!

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Book Review: Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

Last Sacrifice
by Richelle Mead

Hardcover/Paperback:594 pages
Publisher: Razorbill (December 7, 2010)
Also available in Kindle Edition
File Size: 642 KB
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services

Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

My thoughts:


Vampire Academy series has just ended. *breathe in, breathe out*

I have been waiting for this book for months and I was sooo SOOO sooo excited to get my copy of LS. And yes, I got mine the first day of its release, December 7. I sat for an hour pretending to work. OMG. I couldn't stop looking at it. I was at work! I so wanted to read it but I couldn't. Around lunch time, I picked up the book and finally decided to read a chapter. OMG. I couldn't stop. I just couldn't stop. I wanna go home! My husband didn't understand me, he couldn't believe that I was this addicted to reading this book.

Okay - here's my review. I will try to write a review without spoilers.

We all know that Rose would be escaping her cell and her friends would help her. I was surprised with what happened in page 52. That and what happened next, truly I didn't expect those to happen. I love it! How Rose escaped Court? Wow, that's really fantastic.

Now, if you remember the teaser trailers, there was one that made me laugh so hard. Watch it HERE.

I'm sure no one has ever guessed it right. My guess was not even close to what was written in the book. I'm sure if Richelle Mead read what I wrote in that teaser trailer, she's now laughing at me. I guessed that Adrian is Dimitri's brother!

Who killed the queen?

I knew it has to be "her" from the clue in the teaser trailer: "Love and Loyalty run deeper than blood"

How Rose knew it, the author did great with the plot. It was an action-packed book. I'm so in love with all of the characters, even those minor characters. This book series wouldn't be the same without them.

Reading  page 519 definitely broke my heart. I knew it was going to happen, but hoped it didn't happen like that, I felt bad for _____kov. I love how Richelle Mead made a good "love triangle story", so satisfied with the happy ending - Rose and  _____kov. *see no spoilers lol*

I love VA because it wasn't just about romance and cheezy lines. It's about about friendship and responsibilities, love and loyalty. The romance in this book was just a bonus to the readers. Without it, many readers will agree with me that they would still read VA because of the great story line.

Overall, the final book was awesome. I'm so happy to read the last book but sooo sad that it has to end. It was a great conclusion to the series. I mean for Rose's story. If there's no spin-off series, I don't know what I'll do with my life. Seriously, it was soo great that I'm not sure if I'll find a new series to love the way I love this (and my Lord of the Rings, of course).

This series is highly recommended. Sooo great, exciting and excellent written. You will not be disappointed. I promise YOU! Now - the spin-off series will be released in August 2011. Who's with me?

About the book 

"Rose Hathaway has always played by her own rules.

She broke the law when she ran away from St. Vladimir’s Academy with her best friend and last surviving Dragomir Princess, Lissa. She broke the law when she fell in love with her gorgeous, off-limits instructor, Dimitri. And she dared to defy Queen Tatiana, leader of the Moroi world, risking her life and reputation to protect generations of dhampir guardian to come.

Now the law has finally caught up with Rose- for a crime she didn’t even commit. She’s in prison for the highest offense imaginable: the assassination of a monarch. She’ll need help from both Dimitri and Adrian to find the one living person who can stall her execution and force the Moroi elite to acknowledge a shocking new candidate for the royal throne: Vasilisa Dragomir.

But the clock on Rose’s life is running out. Rose knows in her heart the world of the dead wants her back… and this time she is truly out of second chances. The big question is, when your life is about saving others, who will save you?" - Goodreads

About the author

Scorpio Richelle Mead is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy books for both adults and teens.  Originally from Michigan, Richelle now lives in Seattle, Washington where she works on her three series full-time. Before becoming a writer, she considered a few different career paths. She received a liberal arts degree from the University of Michigan, an MA in Comparative Religion from Western Michigan University, and a Master in Teaching (Middle & High School English) degree from the University of Washington. In the end, she decided writing was the way for her but believes all of her education prepared her for it.

A life-long reader, Richelle has always had a particular fascination with mythology and folklore. When not writing,, she enjoys bad reality TV, traveling, trying interesting cocktails, and shopping for dresses. Lots of dresses. She is a self-professed coffee addict, fights a constant (and losing) battle with procrastination, and has a passion for all things wacky and humorous.

Read chapter 1 here


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Guest Author: S.P. Wish

Roses of Doom by S.P. Wish
When horror roses are left behind. 
 A school camping trip leads quirky middle schooler Mizu, her twin brother Kaji, her friend Akumu and school newspaper reporter Seiya to a mysterious mansion in Greenfire Forest. In the mansion, Mizu's friend is swallowed up by a hole that opens up and closes instantly! Many other unexplained happenings follow until Mizu discovers an old newspaper with information about a centuries old intrigue which has remained hidden till now..........
The book is available for free on
The book trailer (made by us)

From S.P. Wish

Hello everyone. We are S.P. Wish, the authors of Roses of Doom. There are two of us (we are twins). ‘Roses of Doom’ is our first book. It is a horror/thriller/children’s book. We will be answering a few general questions here. These are common questions that are asked during author interviews.

This is P. Wish, S. Wish looks the same ;)

Why did you write the book?
Paranormal things have always fascinated us. It is something out of the ordinary, out of the boredom of real life so it is easy to lose ourselves in a world full of suspense and excitement. We always wanted to write something with supernatural elements.  The idea of Roses of Doom came to us randomly. While writing it, we felt that it was turning out to be quite good so we finished it.
Who are your favorite writers?
Barbara Cartland, R.L. Stine and Judith McNaught. They are the masters of their genre and all their novels are not just pages with words, but invoke feelings in the readers. We read many other authors too, but these would be our all time favorites.
What are your current projects?
We are currently working on a high-school comedy series (it is much the opposite of Roses of Doom!). So far it has progressed well.
What is the hardest part of writing?
Finishing the book. It is very easy to start writing a book but finishing it takes real effort.
What would you like to tell aspiring writers?
Believe in yourself and do your best. If you want to become a writer and are sure of it, settle for nothing else. Because writing is what will give you true happiness. If you are interested in any other field, please pursue it with passion too.
What makes a book ‘good’?
Different authors will have different answers for this question because it is a really interesting question. We feel that a book which can make readers ‘feel’ (happiness, sadness, love etc.) is very good. That is because readers can make an emotional connection with these books and will be able to remember them forever.
Would you like to add anything else?
Thank you for having us Jenai. We are really honored. And thank you to everyone who is reading this post for giving it your time and energy.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog hOp: HOP hop HOP

It's Friday again! Time for the weekly BLOG HOP! Visit Parajunkee's view and Crazy for Books for the linky . . . .

This week's question:

"Do you have an under-noticed author that you think we should all know about?"

It's so SO hard to answer. Okay, after an hour of thinking, I still can't remember if I have read something which I think from an "under-noticed author". I guess I will spend this weekend thinking of this question. . . .

This week's question is:

"What is the thing you like most about reading book blogs?  Is it the reviews, author guest posts, articles, giveaways, or something else entirely?"

Well, first, the book reviews. I check my dashboard regularly for updates and book reviews especially those reviews of books which I have also read. That's the first thing I do every morning. It's like a newspaper for me. For author interviews, give aways and guest posts, I read them too. Articles, only if the topic is interesting.

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Author Interview: John Brinling and giveaways

Today, I am interviewing John Brinling, author of
The Ghost Of A Flea.

Tell us about yourself, your background, (e.g. where you were born, live? Your work prior to becoming a writer)

I have been writing all of my life. I wrote my first novel when I was sixteen.  “Black Dawn.”  It dealt with segregation and the KKK. Whatever happened to it I don’t know.

Since then, earning a living has preempted long periods of my life when I wrote very little.  My wife and I are both in data processing (IT nowadays) and we usually work long hours when we are on a contract, which meant I spent little time writing fiction when gainfully employed.  The birth of my daughter offered me another excuse for not writing, but that’s what it was: an excuse.  Writing is hard.   But it’s in my DNA and I keep returning to it, despite some part of me that prefers the lazy life.  However, not writing is unthinkable, and I am constantly exploring ideas even when I’m not committing them to paper.

I lived and worked in Europe for seven years.  I met my wife In Italy where we both worked for the same company, and were married in 1975.  The contract we were working on ended that year and we took two years off to live in England, in a 300 year old farmhouse in Wiltshire.  It was in that farmhouse that I wrote “The Ghost Of  A Flea,” as well as another book titled “Quarantine,” which is a science fiction thriller.

“The Ghost”  has a strong autobiographical component.  I was a programmer/analyst.  The office ambience in the novel is similar to life in my New York office, although the intrigues were of an entirely different nature.  I had a good friend who lived in Sparta. I lived for a time near the George Washington Bridge.  The building manager was an Irishman, who became a good friend, and an integral character in the book.

“Quarantine” is set in East Africa, where my wife and I vacationed, and I drew liberally on what we read, saw, and experienced.

I had an agent back then who marketed both books, and came very close to selling them to both Doubleday and St. Martins.  Unfortunately he died before completing the sale and I put the books on a shelf and forgot about them for 35 years.  Only this year did I resurrect them and publish them on Amazon’s Kindle and Smashwords.

In 1977, my wife and I returned to the states and founded our IT consulting firm, Brinling Associates.  For the next fifteen years we worked hard building our business.  I wrote one novel during that time, a book titled “Alone,” which dealt with a man in an irreversible coma who is aware of what is happening around him, but is unable to communicate with the real world.  Unfortunately, most of that book is lost.

In 1990, during a down period in our business activities, I wrote several other novels which I am attempting to bring out of retirement.  These novels were also put on the shelf when circumstances re-ignited our business opportunities.   One book –  “The Watcher,” a horror thriller – is already self-published.  The other is a much larger work, a rural mystery series, that I’m still working on.

As you can see, writing books is one thing, marketing quite another.  I am perhaps the world’s worst marketer, which helps explain why my writings have spent most of their lives on a shelf in my home in Vermont staring out at me asking “Why?”

For the past few years I have been writing screenplays, which are more bite-sized writing efforts.  I have done fairly well in some contests, but am still waiting to be discovered.  The small royalty check I earned from Amazon this quarter is the only money I’ve ever earned from my fiction writing.

My writing is pure escapism. When I sit down to write, I embark on an adventure.  I let things happen and I let the characters be who they are.  Since I strongly avoid outlines, I am as surprised by events as I hope the reader is.  Pulling together loose ends is a subject for revision, which I do endlessly.  This undoubtedly makes for more work and takes me longer to “finish” something, but it seems to be the best, the only, way for me.  It is the candy bar just out of reach that keeps me at the keyboard.

My background illustrates my chaotic approach to life.  I have been at different stages a pharmacist, a pharmacologist, a tech writer, a programmer/analyst, a business consultant, a business owner, a teacher, a novelist and a screenwriter.  At one time I thought it perfectly acceptable, if not desirable, to change jobs/professions every year or so.  I didn’t worry about the future, assuming I would always find a way to muddle through.

I’m still muddling through.

Tell us about your book "The Ghost Of A Flea" :

The novel is a mystery/suspense/action/ thriller that tests the endurance and love of a man and a woman, and threatens the security of a great city. It is a tale of greed, passion and death centered on a painting of haunting beauty and mystifying significance.  “The Ghost Of A Flea,” painted by William Blake 200 years ago.

Time: 1975. Location:  New York City.

The murder of Roger’s musician friend, Gideon Whiting, turns Roger’s world up-side-down.  His wife, Natalie, lies to him.  His best friend, Ted, lies to him.  His boss and U.S. Senate candidate, Charlie Holt, lies to him. And Lieutenant Tarrington, a homicide detective, is convinced Roger killed Gideon—but is Tarrington who he claims to be, or is he lying, too?
Peggy Curtis, the blond bombshell who dropped into Roger’s life one snowy night after he left Gideon’s apartment, might be the only person who can unravel the Gordian knot facing Roger, yet she has serious credibility problems, and is the last person he would want to rely on with his life and freedom on the line.

The drug cartel masterminding much of the chaos seeks an address book it thinks Roger took from Gideon.  As their ruthless pursuit intensifies, the police learn of the book and join the chase.  The problem is, Roger doesn’t have what they want and he must get it before they decide he is expendable.

In a climax not unlike the best of today’s action thrillers—Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, others—Roger and Peggy face-off against the surprise mastermind of the drug cartel in a fight to the death!

How long did it take to write the book?

I wrote the first version of the novel in 1975 over a six month period.  I’ve tinkered with it over the years, but never really altered the plot line.

What inspired you to write the book?

I have been writing all my life and this was my first serious attempt at a novel in many years.  The settings and main character are somewhat autobiographical as described above.

Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?

My writing is pretty much all consuming.  I get up, sit down at my computer, check my email, sports reports, etc., and plunge in.  I squeeze in my other activities around my writing, not the other way around.  I take frequent breaks to replenish the nerve endings, and must say my most creative time is the early morning.

What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?

I hope first they will be entertained.  And when finished satisfied and uplifted that they made the journey.

Where can we go to buy your book?

Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Apple, etc.

Any other links or info you'd like to share?

I have three other books out on Amazon Kindle:

My favorite authors are: Ian Fleming, Agatha Christie, Alestair MacLean, Dean Koontz, Robert Ludlum, JK Rawling, John Grisham, Robert Parker, Harper Lee.

In my leisure, I follow politics, football, watch movies, write screenplays, worry about my daughter who lives in NYC. I subscribe to a lot of magazines and spend a lot of time reading those, partly  because of interest, partly looking for ideas.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and I look forward to reading your book!

Give aways!

Now, for the give away, three (3) lucky winners will win a copy (e-book) of The Ghost Of A Flea.

How to win? Just follow me and leave a comment with your name and email address  or send me an email ( with the subject "The Ghost of a Flea giveaway". Give away will end on December 20 and winners will be announced on December 21.
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