Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Friday! Question of the week: If you could have any job, what would you do?

It's been a while since the last time I joined the Friday hop, excited that I am able to make time to blog hop today! 

Question of the Week: 

If you could have any job, what would you do?

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Peace Love Books 

My dream is to own a coffee shop full of books. I would really like to be with people talking about books! Since it is not possible as I don't have money to put up that business, I'd go back to teaching in university ;) 

How about you? Happy Friday!  

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Vampire Academy and Bloodline series update: Adrian's diary

I have just finished re-reading the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series a few days ago. It

was sooo good to return to the VA world. I tremendously enjoyed my stay there and was so glad that I also loved the spinoff series which I originally hated because I didn't like Sydney. Thought she was too boring but then re-reading the books, I realized I actually liked her in Blood Promise (where she first appeared as the Alchemist in charge in Russia).

This is my first to re-read books which I initially gave a DNF rating. I'm thinking maybe I'm gonna update my BL reviews. I haven't done any review updates ever so let's see how it'll go.

After reading all the 12 books, I visited Richelle Mead's site (used to be my favorite site for years!) it was surprising to find that she had written entries from Adrian's diary. To date, she gave us three entries, hoping she continues writing.

Adrian's diary :

Date: Springtime, sometime during the year Vampire Academy #1 takes place

Date: November, the year VA takes place

Date: December, Year VA Takes Place (posted in her Facebook page)

Also, based on FB Q & A, the author revealed that there is a possibility that she will write more VA books!

We're back on with the Facebook Q&A, starting with a very popular one: Reader Q: Do you plan on writing more Vampire Academy books?
Richelle A: Eventually, but there are no current plans to. I have no fixed dates, no concrete characters or plots that I'm going with. I have a lot of story ideas (that don't have vampires!), and so I'm going to be writing some other projects for a while. The break is good because if I ever do get back to VA, the ideas will feel fresh and exciting and not rushed. Some of the books I've been least happy with didn't have as much time as I wanted to develop them, and I want to do my best to always deliver good stuff to you guys. VA is such a fun and detailed world that I definitely want to revisit it someday--even if it's just short stories--but you may have to be patient for more!

Sweet! Looking forward to reading more VA books!
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