Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last Sacrifice: BIG day tomorrow!

We have read the first chapter of LAST SACRIFICE - well me, actually I read the first four chapters but really - there's no major spoiler there. So don't feel bad if you haven't read it.

News I read today: the VA spin off series now has a title. It will be called Bloodlines. Well, it's coming next August. Righty - you just read my mind! That's a month before Georgina's final book. I love Richelle Mead!

So? Are YOU ready for the BIG day tomorrow? I'm SOOO ready!!
Now before the BIG day, I am posting the Last Sacrifice TV commercial for one last look . . . .  

So happy that I have the whole day off on December 8. . . .


Miss Sigh...anide in the Word Emporium said...

Hey :).
Thank you for following my blog: I came to check yours out and it looks awesome so I am now your newest follower.
Since I'm commenting on this post I will admit to the fact that I haven't read any of the Vampire Academy books. I plan on rectifying that when I have some money however - everybody seems to have only god things to say about them.

Bookingly Yours said...

Hi! this series is highly recommended. so excited, in an hour, I'll have the book yipee!


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