Friday, March 25, 2011

Book Review: Mojo by Kris Sedersten

Title: Mojo
Author: Kris Sedersten
Paperback: 268 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (December 21, 2009)


★ ★ ★ ★

My thoughts:

Mojo is a mystery-horror book. I started reading this book around eleven in the evening Friday and when I was halfway thru I realized that it was already three in the morning, Saturday and I was alone in the living room! I couldn't put down the book because it was sooo good. I finished reading this book just before sunrise and wow, I enjoyed it a lot!

I loved the plot and the suspense, definitely a "wow" for me. The story was amazing and I liked how the author wove the story. I'm still thinking of the story a few days later.

As for the characters, oh well, I liked the secondary characters - Jesse and Cee better than the main character Scottie Brown and his girl friend, Aimee. Those times I stopped reading were mainly because I was irritated with Scottie's attitude and poor dialogue. I did enjoy Jesse's and Cee's adventure with the ghosts. I loved it when they were together and wished they were the main characters instead. 

Lovers of scary/horror stories will surely enjoy this book. If you want a great horror book that you couldn't put down, you might want to pick this up and you definitely won't be disappointed.

About the book:

When Scottie Brown, a New Orleans college student, is aggressively haunted by vivid nightmares and daytime apparitions, he begins a search for answers; unwittingly putting himself and those closest to him in a confrontation with evil. To defeat the energy that torments him, he recruits a team of paranormal investigators, friends from high school, and a psychic medium. Together, they pursue the ghosts of Scottie's ancestors in a haunted plantation deep in the Louisiana countryside. They uncover dark family secrets and the spiritual energy of a malevolent patriarch who projects an unholy prophecy that has deadly consequenes for all mankind. The power of an elusive mojo amulet becomes central to fighting Scottie's demons as the journey through the haunted mansion, filled with twists and turns, takes on a life of its own against time. Mojo is a fast-paced paranormal mystery-thriller. Edgy and fun, this book will show the reader how having faith in a power greater than ourselves will lift us through even the most unforseeable obstacles in life. - Goodreads

About the author:

Kris Sedersten is a Registered Nurse with a degree in Human and Social Service Administration. She has held credentialing in both Gerontological and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing. She is currently employed as a Nursing Home Administrator and RN Consultant in her home town of Harvard, NE; where she lives with her husband Paul. She has a passion for the paranormal, writing fiction, and sharing her faith in innovative forums so combining the three has led to a series of books she is working on. If you've got mojo; look for upcoming new releases in 2011.

Note: I received a review copy of this book free from the author, Kris Sedersten. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


Sakura Sandra said...

Hi, hi. I just started following you and it would be great if you hopped on over to my blog to follow me too! :)

I haven't heard of this book before, but I've been in the mood for something scary lately, so I'm going to look into this one. (^_^)

Anyway, I hope you're having a great night and I'll ttyl!

Elizabeth said...

I haven't heard of it either...I would have to be in a well-lit room if it is that scary. :)

Sounds very good.

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