Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guest Author: Sara Lauritzen

Hi, I’m Sara Lauritzen, Author of “Iconic Poetry - Poems on Life’s Favorite Icons”.

Have you ever enjoyed a really cool “icon” moment and been thankful for the experience? Grabbing that Starbucks, posting that remark on Facebook, energetically tweeting, outbidding the highest bidder on eBay, enjoying those snug UGGS? Enough to write a poem about it?

Iconic Poetry is a collection of poetic praise for some of life’s favorite icons, brands and trends. It all started way back in 2007. I was living in Dubai at the time and I let out a shriek one sunny Sunday morning when I realized we’d run out of coffee. Completely!  Over a coffee-less breakfast the words of “Mamma Latte” flowed through my head so strongly, I had to write them down.  The poem starts “A shriek filled the air, with notes of despair/ We’re all out of coffee, dare we declare”.  In those moments, I longed for the drive-thru Starbucks I used to frequent not far from where I lived back in Virginia.

That one single poem grew to be five and got saved in a folder on my laptop, to collect dust until Christmas 2010. I came across “Mamma Latte” and suddenly out of nowhere I had an idea. I would write more. A whole collection and keeping with the theme, they would all be about icons and favorite things, things we love to love. Things I love.

So it was with passion, I penned poems on Facebook, Twitter, Football, Bling, Mac & Cheese and Louis Vuitton to name a few. I thoroughly enjoyed penning the words that flowed, at times they were cheeky, definitely all fun, an ironic moment here and there, a reflection of myself or someone I know and an experience I have had. It felt good to capture the feelings these brands and icons give us, in rhyming stanzas. Penning rhyming poetry is not unlike doing a crossword puzzle. You want to make everything fit and everything count. I was determined to make the rhyming endings stay true to the icons. You will not be surprised to hear that I loved Dr. Seuss books growing up and loved reading them to my kids even more.
I’m going to leave you with an excerpt from the poem “Face on the Wall”. Please visit my website for more excerpts at or say hi on Facebook here  

Thank you, Bookingly Yours for this opportunity. Have a great day, everyone!
Sara Lauritzen

Excerpt from “Face on the Wall”

“Memories forgotten grace my wall in debate
Who is the funniest in comment of late?

Close or new met, friend’s expressions unfold
Revealing once popular humor retold

A post, or a photo, I like or I don’t
I’ll tell you with honesty, hurt you I won’t
Said too quickly, too late, posting lends to create
Fallout most certainly, no mercy ... no wait!

Searches for friends of a past long forgotten
Time, it does help us to mellow and soften
Searches for friends of a long forgotten past
Befriend me, I’m happy, you’ve found me at last......”
Copyright ©2011 Sara Lauritzen


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