Monday, September 12, 2011

Guest Author: William Esmont

In the best selling Kindle techno-thriller, The Patriot Paradox,ex-CIA analyst Kurt Vetter and his mysterious partner Amanda Carter race against the clock to unravel a plot to reignite the age-old conflict between The United States and a newly resurgent Russia.

Barely staying one step ahead of a team of fanatical CIA assassins, they sprint across Europe in a mad scramble to prevent a senseless war, only to find they can trust no one, that they are all alone. What they don't see, what they have no way of knowing, is the plan behind the plan. The Moscow bomb is but the opening move in a game ofhigh-stakes nuclear chess that threatens to upset the entire world order. The man behind the scenes, former Chechen warlord Magomed
Gasanov has his eyes set on a much larger goal, a prize for which he is willing to sacrifice millions of lives.

In Pressed, the forthcoming sequel to The Patriot Paradox, we once again find Kurt and Amanda on the run, fleeing Washington with the President and his National Security Advisor after a surprise nuclear attack on the United States Atlantic fleet. After the events in Moscow, the president no longer trusts the existing intelligence organizations, believing them tainted by the events that almost brought the country to war with Russia. He turns to Kurt and Amanda in his time of crisis and places the fate of the nation, the world, in their hands. With no other choice, Kurt and Amanda, accept their mission, this time with the full support of the United States government.

But the threat to global security has not been extinguished. In fact, it is worse than anyone ever imagined. Sensing a once in a lifetime opportunity, new threats have emerged, new players in a game of international espionage intent upon striking while the United States is distracted. Can Kurt and Amanda save the world once again?

Who is behind the new threat and what are their motivations? Find out this Christmas in Pressed, available on all major eBook platforms and in print in January.

You can reach William at:
Twitter: @WilliamEsmont

William's other works include:

The Reluctant Hero Series (Espionage Thriller)
   - The Patriot Paradox (October 2010)
   - Pressed (Winter 2011)

Elements of The Undead Series (Zombie Horror)
   - Fire: Elements of The Undead (May 2011)
   - Air: Elements of The Undead (A Novelette) (October 2011)
   - Earth: Elements of The Undead (Spring/Summer 2012)

Self Arrest (December 2009) (Bio-Thriller)


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