Sunday, October 30, 2011

Book Review: Night Machines by Kia Heavey

Night Machines

Author: Kia Heavey
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Unfiltered Creative (June 15, 2011)
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Note: I received this book free from the author, Kia Heavey. The review posted below is based on my personal thoughts while reading the book.


★ ★ ★ 

My thoughts:

The book tells the story of an ordinary housewife Maggie, after staying as a full time mother for years to her kids, decided she wanted to go back working. Her new employer, Cambien turns out to be a classmate in high school. While having problems with her husband, Rowan, a police detective working 24/7 on a case of a murdered young girl, she finds herself liking Cambien. She develops a harmless "crush" on her boss and sometimes dreams (mostly lust dreams) about him. She feels this "imaginary affair" with her boss will help her get through her problem with Rowan. Things became complicated when she starts to dream about Cambien almost on a daily basis. It became much more complicated when Cambien told her he knows about these dreams and they are all real. Creepy right? Yay! 

The author wove a great story of one family which is totally relatable to the readers. Even Maggie's problem is totally relatable - feeling "unloved" since her husband seems to focus all his attention to his job. It was an easy read mixed with a lot of suspense and mystery. Loved the ending of the story - it was a complete surprise! Overall, if you are looking for a great book to read this Halloween, you might want to buy a copy of this book. ;)

About the book:

Maggie decided to have an affair. No one needed to know, not even her lover.

Who would it hurt, if Maggie decided to carry on a torrid affair in her mind? It would soothe her feelings, hurt by her husband’s emotional abandonment while he worked on a disturbing new murder case. It would provide an outlet for the dizzying desire she felt for her employer. It would make her feel loved and appreciated and better able to be a good wife and mother.

But Maggie loses control of the fantasy as lust becomes love, and things she believed confined to her own imagination are somehow known to her spectral lover. A harmless mind game spins out of control and threatens the sanctity of Maggie’s greatest treasure – her family.

Women looking for a fresh voice in contemporary storytelling will be pleasantly surprised by genuinely likable characters in a compelling thriller that explores marriage, motherhood, morality and, ultimately, the nature of love itself.

About the author:

I live in Connecticut with my husband, a police chief, and our two children. After graduating from Barnard College with a degree in German Literature, I went to work as an art director in advertising.

I wrote Night Machines because it was a book I really wanted to read, but no one had written. I love a captivating, creepy story that weaves a spell. Nemesis by Rosamond Smith is a favorite. I also love Andrew Klavan. Please feel free to send me recommendations of good books to read!


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