Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guest Author: Robert R.

I wrote 180 Degrees because a friend convinced me it was my duty to tell my story; and by doing so could save a life.  I went from being a daily-using drug addict and occasional ‘big shot’ dealer to, eventually, a homeless junkie living on the streets. Today I am a completely sober, self-reliant, self-employed husband, father, and self-made millionaire.

I have realized after a long time that sharing my story is in fact a great way to share my lesson’s learned. For years I hadn’t even considered writing an autobiography and it wasn’t until an acquaintance of mine turned on the light bulb one day by reminding me that a book like this would not be for me, rather it would be to help the millions of people that are struggling with the nightmare of addiction.

It has been emotionally moving hearing and seeing the number of lives, and the variety of circumstances of those lives, that have received inspiration from my book. Even people who don't come from a history of abuse or addiction have found inspiration my story.

I realize that through the severe hardships I endured, I can help other people through theirs.

180 Degrees has been out for three years or so now and is currently available on Kindle for only $3.99. The book is also available on my website and Amazon. Be sure to check out the 180 Degrees website (, it includes behind the scenes views and helpful resources.

I hope you enjoy reading 180 Degrees!!/180DegreesBook


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