Friday, April 27, 2012

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Q: Have you had a character that disappointed you? One that you fell in love with and then "broke up" with later on in either the series or a stand-alone book? Tell us about him or her.

I was gonna say Bella of Twilight Saga but I realized I never liked her that much to be disappointed in her. One character that I really loved was Anita Blake (by Laurell k. Hamilton), I loved her witty dialogue, her attitude and views on life. Anita's job as necromancer made her different from other paranormal characters. 

I was really disappointed with her when she acquired the powers of all the paranormal beings around her and especially when she joined the vampire and werewolf politics. It's sad to see her like that. I wish she just stayed as necromancer. I stopped reading after book 9, Obsidian Butterfly (my review here). I'm not really sure if I would continue reading the series, still have a few more Anita books in my tbr pile. Maybe someday I will but definitely not anytime soon.

How about you? Happy Friday!!!


Patricia said...

I had a similiar problem. Most characters I don't like.. are characters I never liked. I haven't read the Anita books yet, mainly because many people are so disappointed in the latest releases. *sigh*

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Patricia // My Hop

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

Just came from a blog who had the same problem with Anita!

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Have a GREAT weekend!

Old Follower :)

Unknown said...

Haven't read Anita Blake, but by what you're saying, I don't think I'd even start on it.

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Unknown said...

Oh, I still like Anita. But she has changed a lot.

I'm a new gfc and networked follower. :)

mariska said...

Thanks for stopping by.
And I am sorry for you that you are so dissapointed in this character.

Happy friday!
Mariska (new follower)

Disincentive said...

Hey! New follower from this feature here :D

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Priscilla TheGreat said...

Yeah, a lot of people have mentioned Anita Blake. I suspect that after so many books it was hard to keep the character consistent. The author had to move on to new avenues.
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Preet said...

That's been a very popular person this week! I don't think I'll be reading that series anytime soon. Thanks for stopping by!

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Aw. I still have a thing for Anita. She really has changed a lot though and I can see why so many people are disappointed with the series/Anita. I do wish she'd get a little of her old self back but I'm still enjoying the series.

Saraeyyp said...

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