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Book Giveaway: Thirteen by Kelly Armstrong

In 2001, Penguin published a story by an unknown author about a brash and independent, but fragile, young woman named Elena… who happened to be a werewolf. Bitten was the first installment of what would become the bestselling Otherworld series, and it introduced a fresh voice to the burgeoning urban fantasy scene—one that prized depth of character and narrative clarity over flashy magic and superpowers. 

In her Otherworld series alone, Kelley Armstrong has published twelve installments, ten of which were New York Times bestsellers. On top of her Otherworld series, she has balanced two New York Times bestselling young adult series, along with numerous novellas, anthologies and short stories. Rights to Armstrong’s novels have been sold in over twenty countries worldwide, and her peers, critics and fans have sung her praises since the beginning. Charlaine Harris raved, “There is never a slow moment… or a false line in Armstrong’s writing.”

It’s clear that her legions of devoted fans would agree: Eleven years later, Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series is just as popular as ever, with relatable, unique, and beloved characters we’ve all come to adore—which is why it is so hard to say goodbye.

THIRTEEN (Dutton; July 24, 2012) will mark the final installment in the Otherworld series—something fans have been awaiting, and dreading, since the beginning. Featuring every single character—living and dead—since the first book, this stunning conclusion is the perfect farewell for Kelley’s fans.

The previous two installments, Waking the Witch and Spell Bound, reintroduced readers to Savannah Levine—the supernatural wonder girl of the Otherworld—who first appeared as a feisty twelve-year-old in the series’ second book, Stolen. Half-witch, half-sorcerer, Savannah’s remarkable power and pedigree have placed her in the crosshairs of a dangerous new group: the Supernatural Liberation Movement. They’ve kidnapped her brother, left her battered and bruised, and endangered the lives of her best friends, but when Savannah realizes just how far this fanatical sect is willing to go to expose the supernatural world to the unknowing, she must summon a strength she never knew she had.

Uniting Savannah with Elena, Clay, Adam, Paige, Lucas, Jaime, Hope, and dozens of other characters from her past in the ultimate battle for the fate of the Otherworld, Armstrong’s finale is both gripping and deeply satisfying.  Although predominantly in Savannah’s voice, THIRTEEN features chapters narrated by Jaime, Elena, and others, allowing readers one final moment with the distinct voices of their own favorite characters.

With the first-ever simultaneous on-sale date worldwide, July 24, 2012 will mark the bittersweet end of an era. Don’t miss your chance to wish the Otherworld a fond farewell.


Some series begin with a grand, sweeping plan. Others with a single story. My series belongs to the second camp, and that single story was Bitten, written as a standalone novel, perhaps to be revisited in a few years with a sequel, but certainly not intended to launch a series. When my publishers raised the possibility, I was thrilled by the opportunity to spend more time with Bitten’s characters. But I couldn’t foresee a long-running series centered on my werewolves. I believed that having my Pack face an annual threat would get very old, very fast.

The solution was to expand my fictional universe. I decided not only would I bring in other supernatural types, but I’d spin off to new narrators, weaving a world that widened with every book.

It sounded like a great idea. Little did I realize that by the time Stolen came out, my readers would be happily settled in with Elena Michaels and her Pack, and wanting to follow them on countless more adventures. They really didn’t want me changing narrators, especially not switching to Paige, the over-confident young witch they’d met in Stolen.

So Paige’s first novel, Dime Store Magic, got off to a bumpy start. But I feel it was actually the book that truly launched the Otherworld as a series. It brought in a fresh crop of readers who were more comfortable with witches than werewolves. Most of the original readers stuck around, too, once they discovered that Paige wasn’t as bad as they’d feared.

By the time I returned to Elena in book six—Broken—I could see where I wanted the series to go—and also where it would end. So I began tipping in clues, though it was another five books before I launched the end-game with Waking the Witch, continuing it into Spell Bound and, finally, wrapping it up now with 13.

While some would say it would be fitting to return to Elena for this final story, I’ve always had another plan. Back in Stolen, I introduced twelve-year-old Savannah, and I dreamed that the series might run long enough for her to become an adult narrator. And so Savannah grew up in the series, wending her way through the lives of all the other characters, slowly maturing until, with Waking the Witch, she was ready to begin the journey that would, with 13, cement her place as a true “woman” of the Otherworld.

And yet I haven’t forgotten where it all began, and with whom. So before we begin the final journey, I’d like to take you for a quick trip into the past, back to Elena, to the prologue that launched the Otherworld series.


Penguin is giving away one paperback copy of Thirteen by Kelly Armstrong, the long awaited final installment of the Otherworld series. The giveaway is open to book readers and bloggers from the U.S., and must be 18 years old and above.

To join the giveaway, just leave a comment with your email. Extra points will be given to those who will follow Bookingly Yours and share this post thru Facebook and Twitter with the link/s included in the comment section. Giveaway ends on August 15 and winner will be announced shortly thereafter. GOODLUCK!!


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