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Book Review: Be Careful What You Wish For by R.K. Avery

Be Careful What You Wish For

Author: R.K. Avery
Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: Brighton Publishing LLC (September 3, 2011)
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Kindle Edition
File Size: 405 KB
Print Length: 236 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Brighton Publishing LLC; 1 edition (April 28, 2011)
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Note: I received a review copy of this book free from the author, R.K. Avery. The review posted below is based on my personal thoughts while reading the book.

Ratings: ★ ★ ★   

My thoughts: 

Bea Miller is a widow with four boys. She believes having a little girl will definitely complete her life. Since she cannot produce her own baby girl, she decides to take one from Lake Gerber.

The first quarter of the story immediately grabbed my attention. Maggie Taylor was abducted just in front of her parents. I can imagine how they must have felt during the time they found Maggie missing. It was such an intense kidnapping incident, it was surprising to know how Bea was able to take Maggie away from the beach resort. When the police got involve with the investigation, it was that intense that I couldn't take breaks. I was reminded of this famous kidnapping case involving a two-year old baby girl in Portugal. 

However, it slowed down once I reached more than half of the story. When Bea was apprehended and the police found her journal, I began to skim the book. I just didn't find Bea's life stimulating, Bea isn't a likeable character. Probably because she's been a bad mom throughout the whole story. The only thing that made me want to finish the book was David. Even though there's too much negativity in that boy, I still found myself connecting with him. 

Overall, it was just an okay book. I have just started reading book #2, Not My Mother's Son - about David putting up a foundation called Never Give up, dedicated to finding and returning exploited and missing children safely to their families. Review to follow shortly.    

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About the book:

Bunting Valley, North Dakota-a scenic and picturesque town where nothing dreadful ever happens-is a place where people feel safe leaving their front doors unlocked and their cars running in the driveways. So when beautiful, blue-eyed, three-year-old Maggie Taylor mysteriously vanishes, the Bunting Valley Police Department begins a kidnapping investigation that uncovers crimes spanning many years-not only in Bunting Valley, but also in surrounding states and jurisdictions. Bea Miller is a penniless widow, living a meager existence among the town's residents with her four young, rambunctious boys. Unable to have any more biological children, she is haunted by her wishes and dreams of having a little girl of her own. Bea takes matters into her own hands and follows the chilling advice of her estranged father, "If you want something, take it." Through the handwritten journals of Bea Miller, you will venture into the mind of an individual who believes you can make your own wishes come true-at any expense; and sadly, also at the expense of others.

About the author:

R. K. Avery was born and raised in Northeast Ohio and after taking a writing course at the Institute of Children's Literature, she fell in love with the entire writing process; from creating an outline to developing characters and plot. Being able to make someone laugh or cry simply by using the written language is something she finds so powerful and hopes one day her name will be mentioned among the authors that possess it. Her first novel, Be Careful What You Wish For, reached Best Seller status at Brighton Publishing and was quickly followed up by her second novel, Not My Mother's Son. R. K. Avery lives in Macedonia, Ohio, with her husband, two kids, and three dogs. 

Please visit her at www.rkaverybooks.com


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