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Book Spotlight: Well before the Beginning / The First Expedition by Jake Taylor

Well before the Beginning / The First Expedition

Ages: 9+, YA / Fifth Grade+
Author: Jake Taylor
Publisher: TT&T Publishers
Format: eBook
File size: 2148 KB
Page Count: approximately 219 as PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9913935-0-3


Some call them extraterrestrials, others call them Gods. This is their story.

After Sir Henry Johnston falls into a volcanic crater, two warriors from another world come to his rescue; they manage to keep him alive. These two warriors, a female named Suchja and a male named Dran, are Tesgans who claim to be here protecting planet Earth and its inhabitants, including plants and animals, on behalf of Annur’s Empire.

Sir Henry questions their claims but he can’t do much more. He is nearly comatose. Suchja tells Sir Henry to consider reading or listening to the Expedition Reports because that’s where he can find most of the answers he seeks. Thus begins a most amazing saga: How these beings got here, how they made us, how they transformed us, how they continue to influence us, and how they are protecting us from enemies that wish to do us harm.


“How can you tell that I will survive this accident and that I will continue to live inside this body?” I ask a bit confused.

“Dran and I can travel in time; and we can tell you that Star [Sir Henry’s dog] will reach her destination; she will get a rescue party to come this way and in four days time they will arrive here by midafternoon. They will reach you before nightfall and lift you out of the crater as the night sets in. You will come to in a hospital the following morning,” responds Suchja with a big comforting smile and sparkling eyes.

“Suchja, you’ve just said that if my soul stays out of my body for an extended period of time, I will need to be reborn into another body. Are you telling me that you believe in reincarnation?” I inquire looking at her in total disbelief.

“Reincarnation is the only process by which you and everyone on your planet are reborn, sir,” replies Suchja totally sure of her answer.

“Where I come from, most people don’t believe in reincarnation. They think it is a difficult concept to grasp.” I inform her.

“Sir Henry, reincarnation is not difficult to understand,” Suchja says with that beautiful smile of hers.

“Maybe not for you, Suchja; you don’t need it anyways, but for us it is a rare concept; if anything, it is a big mystery,” I tell her.

“Sir Henry, you know very well what water is. Suppose for a moment that you are a drop of water and you are about to be dried out due to the weather. You evaporate and leave behind a few particles, which are mostly minerals. You are purified as you are raised towards the sky where you will become part of a cloud. Sometime later, you will return to the ground and begin your life anew as another drop of water. This will be repeated endlessly until the end of times. Your soul is exactly the same. Your body dies, leaving behind bones, which are mostly mineral, and your soul goes up to heaven where you get purified and later you are reborn into a new body, you will continue to do this until you become worthy of entering and remaining in our world; simple as that; although the process is a bit more complex,” says Suchja.

It includes 35 Illustrations in full color.


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