Saturday, November 22, 2014

Guest Author: Patricia Fry

I’ve been writing nonfiction for publication since 1973. Ten years later, I established my own publishing company—way before it was fashionable to do so. I earned my living writing articles for magazines for over twenty years before shifting into teaching/editing/consulting mode. I continue to work with other authors on their writing projects and I continue to write and publish books through my own publishing company as well as a variety of traditional publishing companies. I currently have 47 books to my credit. 

By June of 2012, I’d written hundreds (maybe thousands) of articles on many topics and I was the author of forty books. It was my birthday month and I wanted to give myself something special. What would it be this year? Another rescued kitten, a spa day, a walk on the beach? As I pondered the possibilities, one idea kept niggling at me: “Try your hand at fiction. You really ought to write fiction.” 

“Okay,” I agreed. “I’ll try it.”

It didn’t take long to come up with a topic: Cats. And a genre: Cozy mysteries. I had to sleep on it for a few days to create the theme: a kleptomaniac cat who helps solve crimes. YES!!

What fun I had writing the first in the series, Catnapped. This book led easily into book two, Cat-Eye Witness. In fact, I’ve just finished the eighth in the series and am working on the ninth. I’m sometimes asked, “Is it grueling, arduous work?” No. Writing has always been my passion. I tell people, it’s something I can’t not do. But writing fiction—creating stories from a pinpoint of an idea—is simply exhilarating. I’ve never had so much fun. 

Some reviewers call my Klepto Cat Mysteries revved up cozies. One said they are cozy mysteries on steroids. There are no talking cats. The cats are all cat-like. Only Rags, the kleptomaniac cat, is particularly intuitive, clever, and his timing can be impeccable. Those who meet him say he has purrrrsonality. 

The Gift of Fiction

Author Patricia Fry
Matilija Press
All 7 Klepto Cat Mysteries formatted for Kindle 
Books 1-4 also in print
This post features The Corral Cat Caper (Book 7 in the Klepto Cat Mystery series) publication date November 7, 2014


The human characters include Michael and Savannah Ivey, a couple of veterinarians who live in a small town in Northern California in a hundred-year-old home. The Iveys and their array of interesting family and friends seem to always be involved in fascinating, harrowing, mysterious situations and you can be sure that Rags, the cat, will have a paw in the action.

In the latest in the series, The Corral Cat Caper, Savannah’s horse, Peaches, goes missing, Rags goes into mourning, and mystifying activities are revealed in the brush. 

The Corral Cat Caper is rich in adventure of the feline as well as equine sort. In one scene, Rags attempt to save their sweet kitty, Buffy, from a catnapper and Savannah helplessly watches the drama unfold via a surveillance camera app on her phone. 

This story is full of sweet and evil surprises, unexpected twists and turns, and plenty of action and adventure.


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