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Question of the Week: Describe your favorite book character death scene. Why is it your favorite? Was it a villain or a hero? What made it so good? (Another prompt from book club ;) ) - Suggested by

Eternity Through Pages

Mason Ashford's death (Vampire Academy series). He was toooo nice, everyone loves him. I cried (and cursing the author lol)  when he was killed by a Strigoi vampire. I remember it took me weeks to forget that scene... there are death scenes you know is coming but this one shocked me. 

How about you?

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Mo_books said...

I never did read the vampire Academy books, so I don't understand your pain.
Monique @ Mo_Books

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

Oh yes, that one killed me too! I swear every time a character dies, I'm in a kind of shock! Like did that just happen?! And a good percent of the time I have to go back and re-read because I'm in a state of denial!! LOL! And of course I'm always wondering, is (s)he really dead?! Because I read mostly paranormals you never know when someone is truly dead!

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