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Exclusive Excerpt and Illustrations to the First Light / The Second Expedition by Jake Taylor

First Light / The Second Expedition
by Jake Taylor

Ages: 9+, YA, Adults / Fifth Grade+
Publisher: TT&T Publishers
Format: eBook
File size: 2156 KB
Page Count: approximately 213 as PDF
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Language: English (also available in Spanish
ISBN: 978-0-9913935-2-7
Includes 35 Illustrations in full color


Some call them extraterrestrials, others call them Gods. This is their story.

Sir Henry Johnston finds out that the cadets did not only encounter enemies of Annur’s Empire during this, the Second Expedition, but that they also had to confront the evil remnants of a so called “parallel civilization.” He also finds out that the acquisition of powers does not cease; it actually increases. Now the cadets and some of their companions can produce ugly skin diseases on themselves or on their enemies, by just wishing it! They can levitate, and also produce diamonds and other gems by simply squeezing regular stones with their bare hands. They really like this last power, but seldom use it. They can also transform themselves into anything they want, including water, air, vapor, dust or any kind of plant or animal.

Chapter 8 - Koyannins, Ucaros and Displays of Power
They continue to encounter many mysteries. Gab and Alph may not be who they claim to be, and there’s a host of unresolved issues in a hidden structure that belonged to Bert Nostcal, a dear friend of Emperor Annur’s, who unfortunately disappeared eons ago. There are lots of questions inside the truncated pyramid and its burial chamber. Another big mystery is, ‘Who exactly are the Imperial Envoys, Imperial Interceptors, Kingdom Hawks and Kingdom Legionnaires?’ And to make things worse, the system refuses to answer an important question asked by Yah, the son of the Emperor!

But, not everything is a mystery or an enemy; the cadets also become acquainted with great friends of the empire. In addition, Zam makes a fantastic discovery; the cadets can advance in time!

Read along with Sir Henry and follow the incredible adventures of the cadets in the second volume of the ‘Yah and the Space Cadets’ series: “First Light / The Second Expedition.” 


Chapter 10 - Tests and Planet Lurodas
“Your honor, my name is Masara Cleft, and I represent Queen Mella’s government,” said a tall, slender, good-looking woman with reddish hair whose head did not stop wobbling as she spoke. Her chin seemed to tremble but she spoke clearly. “The honorable members of an expeditionary force of her majesty’s government were conducting simple, run-of-the-mill tests with their newly developed rapid-fire missile systems. The tests did not include armed missiles. These were soft-metal, harmless ‘spears’ if you will, used only for target practice,” said Cleft with an unassuming attitude. “They were never knowingly fired at the Audacious to cause her harm. In addition, the Audacious was flying at an enormously fast speed and was protected by an electromagnetic shield that prevented others from detecting her. The monitors that helped guide the missiles must have shown the spacecraft as a blip of one sort or another causing all the missiles to converge on it. However,” she continued with a distinctly different tone of voice, “not only did the dishonorable commander of said ship destroy all our practice missiles, she and all her crew of malevolent cadets, Tesgans, Lesgans and Cargans rejoiced at the destruction of one hundred and eighty-six space cruisers. Two days later, they went scavenging for the remains left after their attack and took an unknown quantity of pieces of equipment, weapons and approximately fifty-two prisoners, most of whom never returned. Therefore, we demand punishment for all the crewmembers, including Commander d’Nor, as well as a total compensation of GC314,576,870 Gold Comets, that is, GC1,677,295 per cruiser and GC2,600,000 for the 52 expedition members at GC50,000 each; plus the customary attorney fees and court costs, of course,” she finished.

Chapter 17 - AquaSoil
“Does the counsel for the defense wish to respond?” asked the judge.

Chapter 21 - Uquet
“Yes, your honor,” said mister Zulep, who, after standing up continued, “The first attack involved fifteen hundred missiles, not ‘spears,’ they were all set to converge on the Audacious with the aim of destroying her completely. It was an unprovoked attack and the Audacious did exactly what any other ship would have done in her place. She defended herself.…

Chapter 29 - Veloceptors
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