Saturday, April 4, 2015

Guest Author: Michelle Murray

My name is Michelle Murray. J was kind enough to allow me to tell you a little about myself and my young adult fantasy book The Dream Walker Land of Mystica Series. I am a married mother of two fine young men (my children). We live in the state of Wisconsin, where we love cheese, beer, the Green Bay Packers, and the Milwaukee Brewers. I was transplanted here at a young age from the Black Hills of South Dakota. Oh, how I miss those hills! My best friend, Charlotte, and I spent many happy days hiking, climbing, and playing on those hills! 

I started writing in high school, and to my pleasant surprise won several awards for my poetry and short stories. I put my writing aside to raise my two handsome sons, though I still kept up with it from time to time. It is a passion, a calling for me. So even though some people told me to stop, it was a waste of time I continued. Some of my poetry was even published in anthologies. My love and passion for writing continued, even just as a side note.

As my children got older, and needed me less, I decided to pursue my writing once again. The idea for The Dream Walker came to me. I have always been fascinated by the power of dreams. I had this idea for a girl that walked part in our world, and part in a dream world. Now, I needed something for her to do. I needed a quest for her to partake in. I wanted my story to be a fun, family friendly story, one parents could read to their children, or one young ones could read on their own. So, despite never have written a novel before, I began to work on my story. Going from writing short poems to a longer story was a bit of a challenge, and I have learned a lot along the way.

In a way, I still cannot believe this little idea of mine is blossoming into a whole project, with more books, more stories, and Cosplayers dressing up as my characters. I’ve already been asked to write more about some of my characters, and am working on backstories and the next book in the series The Dream Walker’s Destiny.  The possibilities seem endless of where this story, this world, these characters can go … 

Check out the beginning of this mystical magical word and see how it all begins . .. .

The Dream Walker, 
Land of Mystica Series Volume 1
by Michelle Murray 

Series: Land of Mystica
Paperback: 114 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 4 edition (August 16, 2014)

Kindle Edition
File Size: 486 KB
Print Length: 116 pages
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

About the book:

Miranda is having vivid dreams of a world she's never been to. A world full of castles, Forests, Ice Caves, and Dragons. She goes to a bookstore to see about these dreams, and discovers she is a Dream Walker. She has been called to save this mystical, magical world. On Mystica, the evil wizard Midnight has been released. Midnight is gathering an army, and preparing for war. Miranda needs to find and release the white wizard Lightning from his stone prison to save Mystica. Follow Miranda as she travels through Mystica. Can she find and release Lightning and save Mystica?


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