Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Status : Blogger on SICK LEAVE

Let me start by telling you guys that I will be AWAY for a while. I'm going in for a tonsillectomy this weekend and although this is only a minor operation, I think my blog posts will be a little sporadic.

I have been having health issues the past months. Just February last year, I was diagnosed to have endometriosis which my doctors took so long to figure out. I've been having mild and sometimes severe pains in my pelvic area. Doctors from private and public hospitals cannot exactly identify what is causing this pain as my lab tests/ultrasound wouldn't show any abnormalities inside me. And then one day, I literally can't move my whole body. Immediately after I told them the pain is everywhere and one movement would cause severe pain in my whole body, including my head, they took a picture of my pelvic area again, this time using CT scan and finally they saw something! So that was my first operation. Just yesterday, after I got my clearance for the tonsillectomy (after months of check-ups and tests), I found out that this endometriosis is growing again and I will deal with that after the tonsillectomy.

O---kay! So since I have two health issues to deal with, I will stop accepting review requests I think until the end of August. For authors waiting for my book review, reading status can be found at the right side of my blog. 

That's it and wish me luck!


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