Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Book Spotlight: Discovering the It Factor within You by Leesa Rowland

Discovering the It Factor within You

Did you know that everyone has the ability to be charismatic? That many charismatic people are not necessarily beautiful or handsome, true charisma comes from within, and if you believe that charisma is inside you it can be developed.

Leesa Rowland's new release "Discovering the It Factor within You: Developing Your Charismatic Personality" dives into the behavior changes and mind-set needed to access your potential, develop your charisma, enhance happiness and maximize your spirituality.

Leesa herself has had to endure lots of struggle herself during her lifetime. She believes every obstacle we encountered is an opportunity for us to grow spiritually and if we believe opportunity follows struggle. We all could have the potential to make our dreams a reality. Charismas vary from person to person, some people have it in the way they speak, and some have a presence or style. People display charisma through such gifts as singing and dancing. You must look in the right direction to bring this gift within you out.

Leesa Rowland’s book helps you develop your "It Factor" by tuning into your body and soul. This can help you discover your central purpose in life.   

The book covers the following topics:

  • What is Charisma and how you can create it
  • Tools and Techniques for Developing Charisma
  • Is Charisma Related to Spirituality? 
  • The Relationship between Love,
  • Pheromones, and the It Factor
  • Charisma in Animals 
  • The Relationship between Karma and
  •  Charisma 
  • How You Can Become Charismatic in 
  • Business 
  • Charisma in Performance and Leadership
  • The Aura and Charisma

Leesa Rowland is an actress and author who went from the family ranch in Texas to the bright lights in Hollywood and New York. She has had a successful career in acting, and has a vast cult following for her roles predominantly in horror movies. Leesa has studied method acting, yoga, spirituality, charisma, Buddhism, and metaphysics for over twenty years. Discovering the It Factor within You is available on her website, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

What Readers are Saying

“This book is a MUST read for anyone who seeks to bring out their personal best and find inspiration. Leesa’s book has opened up a whole new perspective in my life in terms of feeling confidant and recognizing my true charisma. I know I can look to ‘it’ each day to renew vigor and live my best life.” —NICOLA FIORE, Actress 

Except from the Book

Throughout my life, I have studied religion, spirituality, yoga, chakras, auras, energy fields, and the supernatural as well. I have always been fascinated with charisma and have studied it for more than twenty years. I also often incorporate practices and techniques that I have learned from method acting studies into my everyday life. 

Possibly my greatest personal struggle has come from my mother’s death ten years ago; it is something on which, due to the complexities of the situation, I still do not have closure. Time and again, her horrific death and the never-ending struggles of her estate rear their ugly heads in my life. 


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